Is there going to help for LOST CUSTOM CLASSES ?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Does ay one know if they are going to replace peoples custom classes or not ? The reason i am asking is that it has been 3 weeks since i downloaded Revolution and lost my classes after following the reset links 3 times all they have done is reset my stats and not replaced the 5 custom classes that i lost.There is no one available to contact. I will leave this post up for 1 week to see what offers of help you all can offer.After that week if nothing comes up i will then place another notice telling Treyarch that they will be given 28 days to fix my problem as at the moment it is 'Broken and Unfit for Purpose' the 28 days notice will be needed so as when they 'fail' to rectify my problem i will then be able to take them to court.

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I feel your pain *hugs*

I dont know what happened but mine is fixed. It could be that I called activision and waited an hour to actually talk to someone. Maybe they're working on mine and slowly gradually giving my things back or either..treyarch and activision really are fixing stuff and not waiting for us to b*tch and moan til things are actually being done.

I suggest you to call activision, Thats what it took for me... :/

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do what i did,call the place nd stay on the phone for an hour trust me they wll help i got my stats back in one bussiness day,that stupid link doesnt work i was angry as well but i chose to call them nd wait from an hour till they gave me the form

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