Is it just me or is BO2 not as fun as the others. Feedback please, and be mature about it.

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The maps are easy to sprint around on with an SMG.

But try playing as an assault rifle user, shotgun user, LMG user or even dare to try to be a mobile sniper or designated marksman (not to be confused with quickscoper).

Short range: SMGs completely obliterate you

Medium range: SMGs completely obliterate you unless you are behind cover or wait for them with your weapon aimed down the sights.
You depend on them making mistakes to win.
That is horrible design:

"If he fails, you're allowed to win"

"If this dice rolls 1, 2 or 3 -- you lose, if it rolls 4, 5 or 6 -- you are ALLOWED to stand a chance to win using your skill."

By all means, every weapon should have a nichè.
Shotguns: Close quarter surprise.

Sniper: The unseen threat on medium and long range, a scout and a marksman.

Assault rifles: Decent movement speed coupled with medium and short range capabilities.

Battle rifles: Decent movement speed coupled with medium and long range capabilities.

SMGs: Fast movement speed coupled with short range capabilites and agility; the ability to move fast even during shooting.

Extending the usefulness of SMGs to medium range, allowing them to be used on long range with impunity (vector, Chicom CQB)  breaks the game's back, because the maps are so small that SMGs are at an advantage in most places ingame already.

As for the SCAR-H:
SWAT556 kills in 3 hits, with a faster rate of fire for the entire first burst, and can then get the 2 and 3rd bullet of the second burst out before the SCAR-H's 5th and 6th bullet.
SCAR-H only beats the SWAT556 for 4 rounds fired, but loses to 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9 rounds fired.

Nevermind that the SWAT556 is miles more accurate, and that the burst-fire allows you to aim dead center for each accurate burst, while the SCAR-H is unreliable fully automatic on 20 meters range because of the recoil.

On the longest ranges, the SCAR-H needs 5 hits to kill, while the SWAT556 is 4 hit kill on the same range.

AN94 kills in 3 hits, with 900 RPM for the second shot, then 600 RPM thereafter.

Burst-firing the AN94 manually will let you maintain a 650-700 rounds per minute fire rate.

It is more accurate than the SCAR-H to boot.

MTAR kills in 3 hits up to 15 meters, with 720 rounds per minute, with much greater accuracy.
Compare to SCAR-H's 600 RPM and 3 hit kill up to ¨40 meters.

Type-25 fires at 900 RPM with greater accuracy, and needs 4 hits to kill -- killing equally fast on short and medium ranges, killing faster on longer ranges AND when assuming that your accuracy isn't 100%.

The M8's burst fire kills faster than the SCAR-H on short range, ignoring M8's 3 hit kill range and looking at M8's 4 hit kill ability on the same range as SCAR-H 3 hit kills.

With 100% accuracy versus your targets with both weapons, the M8 wins.
With 80% accuracy, the M8 wins.
With 70% accuracy, the M8 wins.
Only with 5% accuracy with both weapons does the SCAR-H compete.

The M8's full auto fires at 900 RPM, once again blowing the SCAR-H out of the water and into space.

The one and only automatic assault rifle that doesn't blow the SCAR-H out of the water on short range is the M27 -- which is much, much better on longer ranges, but loses to SCAR-H in close range in the open.
If both players have cover, the M27 wins because of accuracy on all ranges but 5 meters.

As for the SVU:

SVU takes 0.42 seconds to aim down the sights.
The MTAR with quickdraw takes 0.13 seconds to aim down the sights, and can fire enough rounds to kill before the SVU-user has the time to even fire his first shot.
And it needs two of them to kill, and only fires once per 0.17 seconds at manual fire --which means that you're likely to get 4 rounds per second.

For an SVU to kill someone you spot, it takes 0.59 seconds at best.
For a Ballista to kill someone you spot, it takes 0.37seconds at best..

For an MTAR to kill someone you spot, it takes 0.30 seconds at best.

For a SCAR-H to kill someone you spot, it takes 0.33 seconds at best.

...Finally, the SMR with it's 450 rounds per minute cap: It takes 0.133 seconds to kill if you have PERFECT timing.
Most likely, you will only manage to pull off 5 or 6 rounds per second with the SMR; 300-360 effective RPM.

The SWAT556 also kills in 0.133 seconds with one burst, and every single assault rifle in the game beats the SMR if you don't reach 7 rounds per second -- which is incredibly hard to do when you're limited by a low and invisible fire rate roof and not your ability to pull the trigger.

SMR and SCAR-H are the two least accurate assault rifles with the lowest rates of fire.

Look at older CoDs.
SCAR-H from MW2 was accurate, but still wasn't used much, because of the ACR which was more accurate.

The M27 is much like the ACR from MW2, but the SCAR-H is nothing like the SCAR-H from MW2 -- it is much less accurate.

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Re: Is it just me or is BO2 not as fun as the othe...

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good post man, I hope 3arc read what you typed here.

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At this point in time, I hate this game with a passion. Too campy and the lag comp just frustrates me to no end.. I've rage quit out of so many game thus far, simply for the fact of the lag issue. There will always be those group of players that don't play objective, but so far it's just horrible, dudes just running around worrying about their k/d while I'm dying trying to get B back, trying to shoot back but nothing happens.

I could play all other fps game for hours, but now I think the longest I've gone is an hour and back to NHL I go.

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agreed, as i put in an earlier post,

this game lacks any sort of enjoyment,

feels more like a chore than a top game,

maps are contrived and impossible to manage.

colours are matt so there is no light reflection - like on a cloudy day, difficult to see the enemy -especially if you go by the setting recommended by treyarch.

panic knifing is still here!

smgs are king - everything else is pointless

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here is my take:

lag got WAY better yesterday once i logged on after work. like...significantly better. probably les scrubs playing, i dont know. but i'll take it.

in CTF mode, more people are learning to get rid of UAV spam. more people are talking. more people are playing the objective.

there are les n00bs running around with thier heads cut off.

there are less people NOT playing the objective


yesterday i was in a lobby where each team went double OT in CTF and it was DOWN TO THE WIRE with the enemy team killing our guy a mere 2 feet from the flag as the clock ran out! it was SUPER INTENSE and ALL players in the lobby where chatting after the match with eachother about it on both sides. THAT is the kind of COD i want to play.

as i presitge up (only level 2 for now) and use my permanent unlocks it gets better.

all of it combined is starting to shape this game into greatness and it will continue to get better as the playing community matures into good players when it comes to this release.

this was true of BLOPS1 as well. at first, it was bad. of my all time faves and this will be too, in a few years.

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Re: Is it just me or is BO2 not as fun as the othe...

No its just you... The game with the Lag is un playable for me... Maybe not for others... But I'm a pretty good COD Player... and this game is too frustrating with the lag... I start a lobby getting killed from just spawning... Now I just find myself laughing out of frustration... I cant let myself get upset enough to break my monitor or xbox... those things are too expensive. 

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