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Re: Is it fixed???

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H great post,yes whn i was in Canada i started to have excellent connection,no problem all ok,i thought how much better it is here than the uk,where i also live on and off,within 3 days couldnt  win anything hitmarkers,frame rate skip teleporting,it was awful,coldnt belive it i played no different i was getting pushed on the screen,nobody around me ..lightwieght didnt even work felt like i was carrying a iron bar,nobody would die unless i unloaded a whole clip,i w as dying whilst always reloading,absolute terrible connection even tho i was on 4bars.....came back to the uk it was so quick i didnt know how to play it almost ridiculous..This game has many issues we will nevr understand...the ones that say it plays perfect are in denial..

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Re: Is it fixed???

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