Is ghost not working at all now?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I've been using ghost now for about 15 levels and it does not seem to work at all even though I never stop moving and my arrow is translucent. I am also using blind eye and cold blooded just to test. It seems like it does not work at all. I can see the opposing team tracking me behind the walls for 3 seconds or more in kill cam even though I never stopped moving and my arrow never turned solid. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

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i am not sure i was playing tonight and a guy was standing crouched  in a door way and he didnt show up and it was in hckc when a uav was up

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Yeah, i already post this. Rather its a ghost glitch or a mini map glitch, but ghost dont trigger sometimes.

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Why not just make ghost to where you are invisible on the map at all times? Isn't this why a player would use ghost? I realize many people post about ghost players being campers...etc. But there are counters to this. Bring back ghost like it used to be. I like to snipe. In a realistic world, a sniper isn't going to be running around the map every 20 seconds looking for a new place to snipe. Am I the only person who feels this way?

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In all likelyhood this has nothing to do with ghost.  Have you heard of headphones?  They most likely are just tracking the sound you make and waiting for you to turn the corner.  Try wearing dead silence so your foot steps make no noise.  As for you ibeyahtzee I wish people still "sniped."  The fact is "quickscoping" is rampant in cod these days and most snipers do not stay in a confined space.  I would suggest you use/unlock shock charges/ bettys' / or claymores.

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Im not talking from 5 feet away I am talking about being tracked from 50 yards or more. Not aim assist either and I know awareness does not work 50 yards out,

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have u watched a youtube video of them testing ghost. u have to be moving in a forward motion, if u move backwards u will be shown on radar or maybe even side ways so u always must be moving in a forward motion. You can run in a circle in a forward motion and not be shown on radar, but if u move forwards and backwards in a circle u will be shown if u understand what im saying.

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I don't think thats it because it happens when I am in a full sprint.

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Yes.....I'm collecting evidence to lodge a support ticket and tweet @atviassist. These will carry more weight if others do the same. Perhaps may care too Nub?

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