Ignorance is bliss....

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Theres a huge amount of misinformation out there. I find as soon as someone who DOES know what they are talking about debunks this misinformation (I've seen it happen to more than one member) then they get this ridiculous knee-jerk reaction that they are just trying to crap on someones parade.

Like many things, we have an ideal which will never be possible. I get frustrated by BS deaths, missing bullets etc, same as anyone. However, to think Acti, Trey and IW dont want everyone to have a blast is asinine. The devs are all gamers like us, they just took their passion one step further and decided to try and make a kick-arse game. Same as most, if not all, other devs out there. People seem to forget this fact, let alone that they are human beings, not demi-satans out to ruin your fun.

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Pretty good post and common sense really.

I was pretty hardcore about keeping my stats good for the longest while.  My fiance will play MW2 with me and I hate that game now.  She used to play the original black ops too, but we dont own it anymore.  So, what did I do so that we could share gaming time?  Got over my precious stats and said screw it, hop on honey and go 2-56, at least we will be spending time together.  Well, she ended up going 38-35.  Granted it's not the best K/D, it was a higher kill amount than she ever gets on MW2 and she had fun, therefore, I had fun.

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lol, the lass I play MW2 with does better than me half the time, going to have to talk her into getting blops 1 so I can retake my manhood...which she's currently wearing as earrings >.<

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Dear OP, Well said. Agree with you 100%.

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he won't leave, and if he does, he'll just make a new account.

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