Ignorance is bliss....

Black Ops II Xbox 360

It seems the more in-depth and techy gamers are the ones who have the most to gripe about when it comes to the game.  (leaving lag out of discussion, as this would be an obvious deal breaker for even me, if I was experiencing bad issues with lag)

The more you know...the more you have to complain about.

I would consider myself quite ignorant to much of the technical/in-depth issues of the game...thus making me a very casual gamer....and I don't have hardly any complaints about the game.  I find the game fun as hell.  I still pull top in matches 95% of the time, so I see absolutely no reason to dive head first into in-depth statistics and issues with the game.

While I understand the plight and hardship to those who are more in-depth, do you ever stop and ask yourself if it's worth it?  Is it worth it to be so involved in a game...that seems to be catered more towards the 'casual gamer' like myself?  What do you get out of griping about EVERY single mechanic of the game? It's obvious many of your gripes will go unanswered...so you are just banging your head against a wall...with hopes it will give way?!

Obvious counters are going to be such like: "because I dont want to be a sheep to the system and pay for crap..blah blah blah" or "why should I have to be an ignorant player to enjoy a title that I've enjoyed for so many years"...........SURE.........but then stop and think....although being ignorant in REAL LIFE situations isn't always the best.....maybe its time to realize this game is not real life....and when you learn to just sit back....play.... realize you arent getting salary for playing.....the game will be Soooo much more enjoyable. 

These forums are although have lots of useful information, are also plagued with lots of negativity.  When you surround yourself around negativity...you in response...turn negative.   

I only post this to raise obvious questions many of you should be asking yourselves. I'll be leaving the forums...yes I know...I wont be missed...*cries...not really.  I enjoyed my day with you guys on here......just thought I'd give them a try.  Peaces

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Too bad I didnt get to know you.

Problem with he forum is some people dont accept the REAL reality of what its like in the gaming industry.

They get stuck on the way things "should be" as opposed to what they really are. Things like that can destroy a forum.

Then you got he othes that come on here that want major changes for the game just for them. Those are the other things that ruin the discussion.

This is a video game. An extra addon to software that we dont even own. Its a time limited addon that the developers own the right to remove, edit or even ignore if THEY wish to. I mean sure in the first month or so we can make request but if they dont get answered then we have to learn to live with it.

Nice post BTW.

Have a good life.

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While people complain, it isn't necessarily wasted.

A company may not have to listen to anything read in the forums, however what actions are taken changes between games, companies, and moments.

Some games receive lots of criticism and 0 action over years.

Other games receive no criticism and lots of patches and continued fixes.

It changes. However, it can make the focus of potential patches better if people share their experiences rather than remain totally silent.

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i ask myself the "is it worth it question a few times".. usually when I get to my answer the game is no longer in my collection.

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Very good post. There is nothing in there that I disagree with.

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Good post. Thank you for comming, come back any time. gallp

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Thats true.

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I consider myself pretty well versed on the "tech" aspects and the in depth nuances of the game, and believe it or not I'm really happy with my experience. I think Call of Duty gets a bad rap a lot of the time. Mostly it's because there the "big game in town" right now. Any problems you can point to actually exist in pretty much every other FPS as well, but in my opinion Black Ops and Black Ops 2 are two of the best FPS games I've ever played.

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I agree, I first started playing in MW2 which had the worst weapon balance out of all the CODs but because I was new to the game I didn't care at all. I just played and had fun not worrying about stats and just learning to play the game. (also my first fps ever) Because of this nostalgia I still regard MW2 as a really enjoyable game despite it's balance issues.

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I agree. MW2 started it all for me too. I still miss Marathon, Lightweight, Ninja with a magnum/ tactical knife.

In response to the OP, I am also a little naive to the technical aspects of the game. I'm good at the game, and I like playing it.... and that's it. I'm not concerned with every detail and every nuance I might not totally love about it.

I didn't make the game, someone else did. It's their game and if they want it one way I have to respect their choices. As I said, MW2 started it all for me, and it's also my personal favorite. Everyone complains about the good old days of this COD or that COD and they want the old sniper graphic back or these maps or WHATEVER....

I CAN STILL PLAY MW2! That means everyone else can still play WAW or BO1 or whatever they like. There are still people playing these games so hop on and play.

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