Idea to increase fun factor

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Idea to increase fun factor

This probably isn't a new idea, although it's a new one to me. Personally, I hate quickscopers and shotguns with a passion. If you have any amount of lag you will lose to a shotgun most of the time (in my opinion). Lately, I feel like most people don't play this game with any balls and just run around with a shotgun. Those using the shotgun say it takes a ton of talent and strategy to use them because you have to adjust to sticking to only certain parts of the map, blah blah blah. Essentially, this just limits the size of the map. If I know a shotgun user is just running in the same area and consistently kills me, whether he be better than me or simply lag screwing me, I'll just avoid that area. So I had an idea that may counter this.

Why not allow filters in MP play similar to what you have in custom/local games? I can't recall the exact settings in local/custom because I made the mistake of joining a local game with my father (he's over 50 and loves this game haha) and when we exited out, my stats were messed up. This was about 2 months ago before the issue was widely known (at least to me) about stat resets due to local games.  I sent in a ticket but nothing has been done about it, but thats a different story...

My idea is to allow everyone to set up a filter for gun types and other aspects. I don't have the details of this worked out but basically, I'd like to just play some MP without shotguns in it. You can't do much about quickscopers because there will always be hard scopers and people that actually use the gun the way it is meant to be played. Maybe even a small limitation on the filters, like a limit of 3 so that game availability doesn't become impossible. An example of a filtered custom MP game could be something like: no shotguns, no silencers, and no target finders.

Anyone else onboard with this idea? I think it COULD work, but it's just an idea.

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