Idea for snipers

Black Ops II Xbox 360

With low damage at close range I'd avoid the bolt actions all together and grap the svu so I could spam the enemy to death.

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The reverse damage profile has been suggested before but never used. Because those who QS would threaten to boycot CoD and they make up a large precentage of the buyers so it will never happen.

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Pffft, like hell they do. They're a minority of the 12 and under demographic that shouldn't be playing this game anyway.

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Actually I am not wrong the sniper nerfes that were than undone back in BO was because of the sniper players boycotting the game after they heard about it. Optic was one of those groups that boycotted the game, and soon afterwards the snipers where slowly unerfed to make QS easier in the game.

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I think you all need to man up.

Quickscopers put themselves at a disadvantage, and I find them easy kills.

Seriously, if you shed a tear over quickscopers, this game is not for you, go play Neopets or something.

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Thats true, aside from the few really good ones, QS'ers are easy kills, liek i said i am simply chiming in an idea open to discussion on the topic. Also any really good player, regardless of weapons is gonna be able to kill joe random easy enough

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I completely agree... Why is it a glitcher will get banned for doing a "prestige glitch" but not for "glitchscoping"? it makes no sense to me at all...

90% of the time i get shot by a sniper the crosshair is about a meter away from me...but they get the kill because they drap their scope half way accoss the map? lol.

i Agree with Dragon too..

BUT, i can "Glitchscope" and am pretty good at it, thats why i am in this thread, i like to "glitchscope" but it is TOOOO easy. when BO1 first came out it was AMAZING because you had to learn how to do it all over again.

thats my opinion, but like you said "we wont want OpTic and their fanboys to cry even more"...

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Lol if its that easy I would love to see a screen shot or short vid of you Beasting in say a FFA game . Shouldn't be hard since its sooo easy ! Lol

  Since you say 90% of the time the guy misses by a meter ?? Lol I don't think you know what your on about ! Stop watching killcams ! They mean nothing !

   I look forward to this awesome game play Smiley Wink

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I agree it makes the sniper actually do their job if they want to go CQB use an smg.  A good bitchscoper is near impossible to kill.  While the bad ones still annoying and all but usually you will kill them. 

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