I wonder..where there ever be weapon balance?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Just wonder if COD will ever get to the point where ALL weapon types are balanced (or atleast have better map designs that you can utilize different weapons better

And before people come in saying weapons are balanced I ask you this, if they are why is the weapon usage not more varied in lobbies? why do 90% of all player records have the PDW or MSMC as their "deadliest weapon" I would imagine if weapons truely were balanced you would see ALOT more assault rifles, LMGS and such as the most used weapons, but no 90% of players all use the same type of weapon and thats SMG's which goes to show thats OBVIOUSLY the dominate weapon type in BLOPS 2.

I guess I'm just dissapointed that this game has become more of a "run around the corner, hip fire, repeat" type game and that map design seems to further promote this game play style....guess I just miss the good days of COD 4 where you know..you used the sights on a gun...ya know that thing called aiming

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