I think I've finally had enough

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Sorry to hear this.  Don't bother upgrading your Internet as it may not help and contracts mean you have a failed experiment for months on end.  Your upload speed is probably fine enough, although I don't know for sure.  I've seen gamers go awesome in two matches or so and go really bad the third time or whatever.  Everyone has good matches, not so good, but even when there is a map change, I've noticed the changes in performance of players suggest something else is at work.

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Since xmas is been pretty bad for me, occasionaly I'm able to string a few good games together, but for the most part it's laughable.

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Fully agree with you on this one, although i pursued this game till the end,(prestige) wise it was a struggle, i for one am not buying any new DLC, perhaps now i can finally start playing far cry 3 which has been sitting on reserve for a couple of weeks,

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My experience has been horrible they entire time (it has been consistently horrible at least). When I do good in games it isn't because I am getting the good side of lag comp, it is because I am shooting people who don't see me.

If I get into a gunfight it is always 50/50 whether or not I kill them regardless if they are a try hard who goes 30-1 or a noob who goers 1-30. Anyone has a 50/50 chance to kill someone in this game with the low recoil, high damage guns that basically instantly kill someone with minimal accuracy.

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This game is completly broken do yourself a favour and get rid i have seen videos lately that proves its broken...offline camera lag for a starter and mix that with the poor hit detection, lag, OP smg's and terrible map design then you know this game is terrible and not worth playing. I played cod4 last night and had no problems even black ops 1 works better than this trash. People who defend this game are dillusional and are the same people that buy this rubbish every year and also everyone needs to face the fact that this crappy game will never be good and the cod series is done.

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