I think I just upset someone.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

So I decided to play a round of FFA and I join late, everyone is using shottys so I decide im gunna get mine out (R870 quickdraw+longbarrel) and I play I shoot a load of guys and im in second place with both me and first place tied at 29 kils and I get killed and with a huge ammount of luck I spawn and a guy is standing right infront of me (you know like the spawn do time to time) I get the kill and win the game, next second I get a party invite from the guy who is now in second place and he just starts yelling at me (he also said some very bad words and mean names) and TBH my mind just blanked and I couldn't think of anything so I just fell back on immaturity , should I have done that or do you think it was rude

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Always try to be the bigger man. Don't sink to their level.

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Videogames are the only thing that make life bearable."

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I would have laughed at them, left the party... set them to avoid, blocked communications if had any meeages from them.. and then moved on knowing that I did my job at annoying someone that game and did so well that they had to be immature about it.

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FFA is the dumbest in the playerlist lineup.  I only play to listen to the idiots augue...the game is about short range and spawn kills.  Oh AND never accepts party invites in FFA from people you don't know and don't even talk to them...TDM is okay.

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Rule 47 of CoD: When the opportunity arises... rise above by smashing them into the ground.

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Depends, Did you call him out because he was immature over a video game or did you just call him a Dootyhead ?

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No I just told him he lost, that triggered more rage and insults.

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Kill them with kindness always induces more rage

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Since I am not very good, I don't get raged at much, but when I do, especially by those leading the game and end their precious scorestreak, I love it.

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