I think Hunter Killer Drone has a pattern

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I don't know if that's true or not because the HK goes for me literally 85% of the time.  I do pretty well for myself in most games but I have some pretty bad ones as well.  My only chance is to use BE and even then I have the misfortune of getting killed by it from time to time either because a teamate runs near me or I'm guessing it just goes into a death dive after awhile of not finding anyone and always picks my direction to do it in.  I've even setup classes with BE and Flak Jacket because of it.

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I am gonna test this today vs bots. I've noticed it when i was playing on open maps like Slums or Turbine and my whole team was running in the open but not me, i was in a safe area and the Hunter Drone is waiting till i go in the open to kill me. Why do the Drone not go after my other 5 teammates? i don't believe that all of them are running Blindeye all the time.

Again, i am not complaining, i know the Hunter Drone can be countered easily with Blindeye, i just want to understand how some game mechanics work.

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Yeah use blind eye to prevent being seen by HK's, use tac mask to prevent tactical equipment, and engineer to delay bb's and claymores.   Leaves a lot of class possibilities huh!

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I am going to agree with you, the few classes I don't run blind eye it does seem like I take the Hunter Killer death when I am in the middle of me scorestreaks, but not really when I am a fresh spawn.  I am going to pay attention and see if this seems like a reoccuring pattern.

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I dont think its targeting players close to a high scorestreak.

I always use the low scorestreak, my idea behind it is that more low scorestreak per game is more helpfull to the team,  than seldom high scorestreak,

And I get targeted by the Hunter killer drone anyway.

I never use blindeye, but lightweight on all my classes.

I hear the «bipbipbipbip» of the hunter killer drone going at me, and i run like hell toward cover. I may or may not get killed depending on my luck.

I think you may notice more when it target or kill you when you are close to a high score streak the same way everytime people are late for work it seems like all the lights turn red right in front of you...

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i never run blind eye and if im out in the open i get hit 99% of the time if im deep in a score streak or not. im not subscribing to this consipracy just yet.

*squak squak squak*



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