I'm getting tired of you, Activision....you better solve my problem.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

So I wanted to unlock the gold-camo for my executioner, and the only things that I had to aquire were 3 bloodthirsty medals and 6 double kills. After I received my first of three bloodthirsy medal and my first of six double kill, I noticed something rather......frustrating. After the match  I checked my camo-unlocks and I noticed that the unlocked medals didn't change anything to my progress, the bloodthirsty camo-unlock was telling me I still needed 3 medals, despite the fact I just acquired one. I turned my xbox off , disconnected the internet, took a break ,dipped my cookie in a glass of milk,  and went back. I checked the camo-unlocks, but everything was the same as before. I joined another match, acquired a bloodthirsty medal and 2 double kills, checked the camo-unlocks and guess what.......again, they didn't count for some reason.

Dear Activision, if you are planning to sell me( overpriced) DLC for the next months, you better give me an answer about what the hell is going on. I'm not touching any game that has your company's label on until my problem has been solved.


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the kills are all with just the gun right?

only issue ive ever had with bloodthirstys is a merciless kill with only the gun doesnt count as two bloodthirstys.or ive gotten 4 kills with the gun and one using something else and gotten a bt but not the camo award. Basically as long as you get 5 kills without dying with only the gun you should have it registered as a camo challenge even if it isnt 5 kills in a row

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Yeah, I was going to say that too. If you get a kill with anything other than the Executioner it doesn't count as a medal for the gun.

Ex: Semtex, grenade, etc.

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That still doesn't explain why I I didn't receive my double kill medals while I did in the game,while I  just shot  them with only the executioner.

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