I can't understand how people can say this is a broken game!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I have sat back and read a lot of the things people have been ranting about... And honestly I don't get it! After the last updates happened the first game I played I went 93-14 on demolition, and on average I never have below a 1.25 k/d ratio. And all this yelling on the forums at activision about the lag comp is ridiculous! Yes it does happen sometimes you go into a game and you run around a corner and the person shooting at you while you turn the corner might just get lucky and kill you while your a foot or two around the corner. But you guys can not seriously tell me it's happening to you so much you have to complain on the forums about it. It's happened to me a couple times here and there sometimes u might hop into a laggy game, all you have to do is back out. I don't have the fastest Internet or the worst... I just wish that one day I could hop on here and scroll through the forums and see people saying good things about the game... I personally like the game a lot! It needs improvements here and there, but the dlc was fun I really like all the new maps and I like some of the old maps. The game is overall a fun game to me I really don't see why everyone complains so much about the call of duty series.

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There are hundreds of threads like this.  Please use the search function.

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Please use the search function, we have enough of the same threads. Thank you.

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I can see that you guys have been posting about how bad the lag is too... I'm just saying I don't think it's so much the game as it is the player. Haha

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Good for you. Your KD is 1.25. Mine is 1.65. I can tell you that when whatever you want to call it is going on it is either in your favor or against.

When for, I too have monster games. When against, I literally have hit detection that is ridiculous. I have played enough online FPS to know what to expect and am good enough to know when something is amiss...

Spawn trapping in Demo is not a very good representation of skill by the by...

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You dont understand it perhaps, because it is not effecting you, like it may be others.     Oh, also water is wet.

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