I am a Beast (Sarcasm)........Its not fair (Seriously)!

Black Ops II Xbox 360


So before this latest hot fix I would say my experience with BO2 has been very similar to many on this forum,"Lag Compensation" has taken hold of my connection.

My last few days have been a complete reversal,a 3-6 KDR and 30-35 kills playing only core TDM is currently the norm.The first day or so I believed it was my skill but as time went on I realized almost all of my competitors were slightly behind in timing. Now I am a decent player but not this good,no one is.

My internet connection is exactly the same and my set up has not been altered.The only deviation from the norm was the latest hot fix.

I seek out competition, I like to improve my skills by playing against those who are more talented than me, but BO2 tries to paint all players with the same brush.

Lets let skill shine as much as possible!

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