I REALLY want a "do not add me to games in progress" checkbox.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I'm a lone wolf player with a W/L of 0.53. Do you think I care if I get another loss? The issue for me is that I search for a match and am immediately placed into a badly losing game, so I back out right away search again and this process repeats another five times until I finally land in a lobby. It sucks all of the fun right out of the game before I've even spawned.

"Play with a team," is the inevitable solution offered by my fellow posters. Look, I deal with people and their personalities all day. I like to unwind and play during my alone time. It's easier to concentrate on the game without people talking in my ear. If I wanted to play with a team I would be playing with a team.

Like AIDS and herpes, join in progress is not going away. The only easy solution to make it more bearable is to raise the match bonus xp. One hundred points ain't squat, it should be ten times that.

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i agree, there many times were i just join a game and the other team was crushing us. this option would be epic great.

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