I Actually Really Like This Game. (Wall O' Text)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I know that I may get flamed for this post, but I would like to tell the developers of this game that I really enjoy it. I have seen so much hate on the fourms lately that I felt it necessary to bring some love. Yes this game has it flaws, but don't all great things. Nothing's perfect. Now some might say that the only way I can enjoy this game is to run around with smgs and have a bad connection, but I say to them you are wrong. I have a 1.8 something K/D(not the greatist, but I think I play pretty well) and all I use is the assualt rifles(trying for dimond camo. 5/9 done). I think the highest level smg I have is a lvl 4 no prestige. You just have to remember, play your weapons strengths. Yes the smg will almost always win if you try to rush with an assualt rifle. Pick up the FAL and pick them off from a distance.

     Now you might say that my internet is bad so I might lag and that's how I do well, but I think i run decent internet. I run about 40 mbps and I love it. Thats average amoung most people, I think. I get host in most games and never hear the other team complaining about lag after the games. If you hate hitmarkers in this game and are constantly losing gun battles, then my friend I invite you to come play this little thing called Hardcore. I play HC CTF all day, everyday and I love it. We may not have the biggest community, but we manage. If you hate quickscopers and smgs with laser sites, then come play this wonderfull playlist. You still may run into them every once in a while, but nothing like I see in core. This is not a campers paradise nor is it a rushers. I think it is a pertty balanced playlist. The only problem you may run into in this playlist is some spawncamping, but the game easly fixes it. If the entire enemy is in your spawn killing you, then the game will spawn you in their spawn giving you an easy flag grab.

     I know that I may have went a bit off topic on this post, but I really wanted to inform people that if you are hating this game and want to break your disk sometimes, just remember HC CTF is your friend. Back to the developers of this game, I would like to thank you for this wonderfull game and I hope to see more in the future and continue to listen to the community and to the community, continue to tell the developers what you don't like in the game, but mabey with not so much hate. Thank you for reading this and I hope mabey this post will influence some of you to come join me in HC CTF.

(There, happy, paragraphs!...)

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Tldr; I like the game too

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     Thanks for the positive post. I absolutly enjoy the hell out of this game.I play HC also, mostly TDM and KC though. I think the weapons are balanced perfect and I can kill with any of them.

     Yes, Treyach did an awesome job.

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Good post. Dont worry about getting flamed. Its ok to like the game. The forums arent just for the complainers like many on here would have you think. I too love the game. IMO there is alot more to like than not like.

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Holy bajezus, how about some paragraphs or something?!?

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If i didnt suffer from Lag comp in 90% of games i think i would enjoy this game ALOT. but since that is not the case....

I even have recently tried to play HC. I used to play it in MW2 and BO1.  Everyone kept telling me there is no lag in HC but i beg to differ. I suffered just as much as in core.  there were plenty of times i was shooting dead on a guy,he was not moving at least yet in my screen, and i missed.... deaths from an invisable guy....

HC was no better than Core.... Same BS, Different Lobby

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Prove this "suffering from lag comp."

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Its difficult to read when its all in one paragraph.

The game is great, i enjoy it a lot.

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From experience, if people really hated a game, they wouldn't take the time to come to this forum. They'd just move on. That's what I did when MW3 became unplayable after a few weeks. BO2 is pretty fun. Nice weapon balance. Nice maps balance. The lag can be annoying, but that's what the quit option is for.

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I agree 100%, Black Ops 2 is a great game.

I did stopped playing MW3 after 6 months of headache and frustration, i've heard they fixed the game after 8 months or so, not sure if true.

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