How to contact Cutpurse?

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How to contact Cutpurse?

Does anyone know how I can contact him, I have tried PM'ing him and he is not replying and I hvae been deranked for reason, I have tried emailing Treyarch many times and nobody in this company seems to care, Cutpurse is replying to other people though?

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Re: How to contact Cutpurse?

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Send him a Private Message. He hasn't replied to my PMs from 3 days ago but it's worth the try.

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Re: How to contact Cutpurse?

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the account is deactivated ...

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Re: How to contact Cutpurse?

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Of course the account is disabled... *sighs* I sucked it up and decided to continue on and play but my prestige award I used for a class didn't show up. And a friend told me that his perm unlocks did not work either. So why continue to play if there's nothing to earn?

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