How to buff the underpowered guns!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

How to buff the underpowered guns!

Treyarch promised they'd balance the weapons based on the weapons' statistical performance ingame in the hands of the players.
Here's the weapons current settings:

When the statistics hit the table, they will learn that PDW-57 and Vector are overpowered in the SMG class (too accurate, and kills too fast for their accuracy), and that compared to ARs -- the MP7 and USMC and the burst fire SMG are too good.

That's all fine.
They should probably all have HEAVY SWAY to deter them from being effective on longer ranges, or slightly increased recoil in some cases.

But those are overpowered weapons.

In the case of the clearly underpowered weapons; SCAR-H, SVU and SMR -- how should they be balanced?

SCAR-H kills in 3-4 hits on reasonable distances, firing 600 rounds per minute.

M27 kills in 4-5 hits on reasonable distances, firing 720 rounds per minute.

You will immediately notice that they're pretty balanced.

IF they have the same recoil values, that is.

However, the SCAR-H has a useless recoil, and is thus useless compared to the M27, which kills as fast and is incredibly much more accurate.

This game is all about heads poking out over walls, and the M27, SWAT556, M8, MTAR and FAL are ALL capable of hitting those heads.

The SCAR-H needs to push through that cover and kill the guy by penetrating the wall, reducing it's damage dramatically.
Remember that it barely would kill faster than the more accurate weapons even if you hit with all your shots, and that one miss makes it kill slower than the more accurate rifles.

My balance suggestions:

First and formost: Don't make it a 5 hit kill on extreme ranges. That's just cruel: The M8 can two-burst kill on that distance RELIABLY.
1: Increase bullet penetration value of ALL battle rifles, and make FMJ even more powerful.

2: Reduce the recoil slightly to make it actually hit targets when burst-firing

SVU can only one hit kill on a headshot, and only when unsilenced.

It takes 0.42 seconds to aim down the sights, and ACOG does not seem to help at all.

Compare that to a FAL which kills on 2-3 hits depending on range, and that can be aimed down the sights in 0.13 seconds with quickdraw handle

Or even SMR; 0.14 seconds with a quickdraw handle.

The SVU's main disadvantage is that it's utterly useless on long range, and even more useless on short range because you can't aim down the sights as a response to spotting an enemy.

A user of an SMG may aim down the sights and fire 10 rounds by the time the SVU is ready to fire.

By the time you have fired 2 rounds needed for the kill versus the moving target, he has had time to fire 3 - 4 more rounds at you.

A FAL user may aim down the sights and fire 4 rounds before the SVU is ready to fire the first shot -- making the FAL better for sniping:
3 hits with low scope sway and 0.13 seconds to aim down the sights, firing up to 500 rounds per minute / 8 rounds per second.

My balance suggestion:
Reduce the ADS time to 0.32 seconds.

It will never be used for quickscoping, because it needs two hits, and EVERY assault rifle STILL gets shots fired before the SVU -- multiple shots when using quickdraw grip on the AR.

Give it a quickdraw handle, as the only sniper. It takes an attachment slot, after all.

SMR has moderately high recoil, and is extremely difficult to use versus heads poking up over objects on all ranges, compared to every other assault rifles in the game bar the SCAR-H, which suffers the same fate in this "cover based" shooter..
The FAL kills in two hits on short range, and is extremely accurate compared to the SMR, while the SMR has a lower rate of fire.

On long range, the FAL blows the SMR out of the water, squeezing the SMR into a medium-range weapon.

The FAL is BETTER than SMR on short and long range -- and on medium range too, if there's enemies behind cover.

That makes SMR outclassed.

Increase the base damage from 50 to 65 or 70, so that it can actually kill in two hits through thin cover, making it a "brute force" variant compared to the FAL's accurate approach.

Increase minimum damage to 45 as well, so that it stands a chance of three hit killing targets through cover on long range, once again giving it an opportunity to nearly match the FAL.

AN-94 could use some better bullet penetration and a 33 minimum damage: Once again, 5 hit kill is BRUTAL when the weapon fires slower and with less accuracy than, for instance, the M27 which can full-auto a 5 hit kill on absurd ranges with grip and stabilizer.

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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Nobody is interested in using the SMR, SVU or SCAR-H without feeling completely gimped?

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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I dont feel gimped no matter what weapon I choose to kill you with The only OP thing in the lobby is the player.

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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SMR outclasses every other weapon I have used.  I am interested in the SMR, and it's statistically my best weapon.

I don;t know anyone else that can use it though.  Odd.

Luckily, it will most likly receive a damage boost per next patch.  Meaning I'll have more then 20 deaths by it I'm sure as people flock elsewhere from the fal

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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Aside from Hardcore, the SVU is pretty much useless, It definitely will need something to make it more usable in Core gametypes. I think faster ADS is probably a reasonable buff.

The Scar-H is pretty good in close quarters and against exposed enemies. Maybe a slightrecoil deduction but it isn't too underpowered.

Good Post

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

its funny because if you 3arc was to buff the smg's then you guys would be crying about the AR's you guys make no sense

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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adw1983, where's the shotgun love here? They're all poop. I'm sad to hear that Treyarch will buff/nerf weapons based on player's performance in-game. I mean, for example, people can boost, play against noobs, camp and whatnot to get many kills with every weapon, making them all seem good. Then, Treyarch would see that there aren't any good/bad weapons in-game when in fact their shotguns blow hardcore! The KSG has good range, power, and power at range, but, you're firing a slug so it's very hard to shoot your target - esspecially with you're dealing with lag which is very common.

Pker, shotguns are terrible in this game. Just because you're getting owned by them doesn't mean they're OP. You're just probably having some laggy games and some people are just getting lucky and catching you in really tight areas that these mediocre shotguns are barely effective in. Besides, they need laser sights because Treyarch made shotgun hipfiring so bad, as if they weren't already inferior to all other weaponry already.

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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Very true. The shotguns in this game are terrible.  The one shot kill range while ads with long barrel on the R870 is less than the stock mw3 spas with steady aim.  The mw3 spas with steady aim was able to consistently one shot kill out to 12-14 meters with perfect aim.  The 870 can do about 11-12 meters while ads and perfect aim.  mw3 STOCK spas one shot kills up to 2-3 meters further without needing to ads.  And the stock mw3 spas sucks so much balls its not even funny.

The current 870 does 50-10 damage with descrete ranges.  I don't think its damage drop is linear anymore.  It drops from that 50 damage per pellet very fast.  Like maybe 3-4 meters fast.  These shotguns in the context of the game they are in are some of the worst shotguns in cod to date.

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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I wouldn't want to buff underpowered guns, because then the game would be destroyed with every single weapon shooting lasers out of the barrel.

I suggest tweaking the "Overpowered" guns if there is such thing. Sniper sway should be increased by loads if standing up, less when crouching, and near to none when prone.

Shotguns with long barrel and laser sights has to go though.

Many SMG's need a hip fire spread. Many don't use the laser sight and it seems like a dead on spray. (Skorpion EVO)

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Re: How to buff the underpowered guns!

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This is an intersting write up. 

First I think all the SMG's are OP when you add into the formula the auto aim system.  With or without the laser sight (Steady aim) an SMG hipfiring will rarely lose.  I agree all SMG's need to have significant sway to make them less effective at a distance  or the auto aim needs to not work if there is no laser attachment.  The game needs to require some skill and running around knowing you can win almost any battle without aiming is not the answer. 

I guess I am using the wrong weapons according to your analysis.  My go to weapon is the SCAR, then the FAL or SMR, then the first shotgun.  My last resort is my "I am a no skill 12 year old" class, which consists of an SMG with one of the OP weapons and the great auto aim assist feature.

The shotguns other than the first one are all highly underpowered.  Near impossible to get a kill with. I think the range and fall off is right on the shotguns I just think the damage needs to be increased on all but the first unlocked shotgun.  I was using the last shotgun to unlock and I would put 4 rounds in at close range and would not get a kill.  That is a bit too extreme and way underpowered. 

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