How come Elite isn't up to date?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

When I look at my clan it shows old emblems from Black Ops 1 and some of my friends changed their gamertags ages ago and it still shows them under their old names. What gives?

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Why does Elite show me as having the exact same hours played in CTF as HC CTF, even though I've never played core CTF?

In short, it's messed up, and has been for a while.   I've thought about sending in trouble ticket, but my guess is Beach Head doesn't care.

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Should just do away with it all . hell since elite has arrived so have all the problems

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still can't manage clan.  Been trying to kick a guy out to reinvite him back just so he can get emblems that wasn't awarded to him.  Forget trying to look @ scores during challenges and ops.  Never know whats needed.

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I haven't been able to customize my classes and send changes to game for a couple days now.  Mostly I do it so I can rename the classes without doing it letter by letter on screen.

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