How can i be a better player?

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How can i be a better player?

I mostly play mercenary moshpit and demolition and im on my 7th prestige, but everytime i get in a lobby full of noobs i play great. Thing is when i get in a lobby against good players and people that actually know what their doing i end up looking like the noob and i just suck. im also finding it difficult to maintain a simple 1.00 k/d. ive tried out just about every single weapon/perk combo, i know every single one of the maps very well, but im just losing aroung 80% of the gun fight i get in, and i just dont know what to do now. In black ops 1 all i did was rush rush rush and it worked to perfection, but now it just seems like i cant do anything. the highest scorestreak i ever got is the emp system and orbital vsat, i got them at the same time hoping to get a swarm off those assist points but sadly i didnt. and to be honest i wouldnt say i camped to get them i just "tactically waited". So how can i be a better player? by better i mean actually winning gunfights and dropping around 50 kills a game while playing the objective.Also what are the best guns and perks to use if you like to play a uptempo playstyle.

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Re: How can i be a better player?

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Same way you get to Carnegie Hall... Practice.

Play custom games with the bots and find your own style. You can get 1000000 different answers here, but you have to find your own way.

The obvious things are: Work on your aim. Learn the maps. Learn the objective and spawn points. Play with a team.

Everything else is subjective, and you have to figure out what works for you.

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Re: How can i be a better player?

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Everything he said but also try to stay off the enemy radar.  Use silenced weapons, run with ghost and carry a launcher to help take out UAV's.

For me the most important thing is to be quick on the draw, since it matters less how well you aim if you are already taking shots on before your enemy.  Quickdraw & Dexterity should be considered in your pick 10.

Lastly- Aim

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