How To Play Well Without Being Boring / Camping?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I've tried to rush on this game on pretty much every route on every map, I've tried literally hundreds of different class setups but to no avail, is there any way to play this game well without being a complete doucebag and boring yourself to death?
p.s my k/d is around 1.3 and was around 2.7 on MW3

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Vigilance. Ensuring you are in a position that gives better firefight advantage to you, ie, the high ground will make fights easier to win. Choosing less used routes towards flank positions mean you have a slightly less chance of being killed, coupling that with ghost makes you a lethal assassin behind the enemy. Campers usually camp in the middle of the map, so going by the road less traveled is a great way to get behind them, and do damage to the moving enemy players. The more silently and strategically you move, the more havoc and damage you will cause.

I also recomend trying out assault rifles. Use them, with a pistol, and you're bound to have good luck.

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I've found that it's a lot more satisfying to get pistols kills. In a game

where the field of play is dominated by 1SK and rapid fire weapons, getting a pistol kill with either the 57 or tac-45 takes accuracy and skill at manuvering the battle space.

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i also dont do well running and gunning and find it boring camping so on most maps i will use an AR and use the outskirts of each map,i might make 1+ kills in one spot and move on and so on,i also pretty much avoid the middle of maps as you can get shot at from any angle.for me this works great as im not a camper or run and gunner

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what exactly do you class as camping because everyone moans about it but very few know what it calling someone a camper seems to be the first and easest thing to call other players

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great point.  seems as if any time somebody gets killed by someone who is not running wildly slinging bullets.  simply being stationary is not camping.  holding up a building from all entrances is not camping.  camping is sitting hidden around corners waiting for an unexpecting opponent to come running around said corner and then shooting them in the back once they pass.

but as ^ said, it is popular and convenient to call anybody who kills you a camper to deflect blame off your poor skills

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birdman22 wrote:

camping is sitting hidden around corners waiting for an unexpecting opponent to come running around said corner and then shooting them in the back once they pass.

there has been a number of times that a uav has gone up and ive noticed a couple of enemy players heading my way so ive took cover and hid and waited until they got past before i killed them so is that camping or just playing smart ?

the problem with this game is the kill cams it only shows you so much and most of the time what it shows is completely wrong

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     Its all about sight lines.if you are running to a corner without knowing what's behind it, aim up before you get there and be ready to shoot. If you have your gun up and ready around corners before your enemy you can drastically improve your gameplay. Also try using the stock on assault rifles and walk hotspot with your sights up.


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Just keep backing out of matches till you find one where your hits register and then run around full speed and destroy everyone as they have no chance.

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Stick to the outskirts of the map, and away from the hot zones.

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