Host selection is weird

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Yesterday i was in a lobby with people from the same country as i am and one player from a different country, everything was fine till the host ragequited and host migration made the only person from the other country host, then everyones connection went from 4 bar to 3 bar, and the host had a 4 bar.

Why does this game picks the person with the highest ping as host? is this a way to equal the playfield by making everyone lag?

I believe this is what Treyarch tries to accomplish, making everyone in the lobby lag so the players with a bad connection are not getting screwed by players with good connection.

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only can think of a few reasons myself

either no-1 of the other had sufficient upload bandwidth to be host, which seems very unlikely as you really don't need that much, any average connection should be able to carry that

or the game picked him as everyones average ping to him was most consistant/in the same area of how long it took to ping him

or he was downloading torrents etc and doing everything possible to make his connection as bad as possible

or or or, i don't know

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It must be the average ping cause with todays internet standards almost everyone can be host in a 6v6 CoD Match.

CoD - a Mysterious Game.

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So did the game play terribly after that?  Or are you just complaining that it chose a host from a different country which resulted in you seeing a 3 bar next to your name instead of a 4 bar?

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