Host 48 times out of 76 games

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Was wondering if anybody else is always getting host. I started keeping count cause it seemed I was always host (i use the reloading trick to find out if i'm host). For some people its beneficial to be host, but for me its instant one bullet kills when I'm shot, and half a clip, to a whole clip for me to kill some one..My internet speed is suppose to be 50 down, 25 up but since i work late, i usually play between 1am to 5am and pull 95 down and 35 up, with a ping from central jersey to philadelphia of 15-20 ping with no packet loss.. I know this is a dick move, but now i just dashboard out of frustration everytime. Activisions to cheap for dedicated servers but than use my great internet connection to give everyone but me a good expierence.

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Sorry you're having problems being host.  I dont blame you for dashboarding some games if lag is that bad.  I seem to have a more lag free game when I host, but not always.

BTW, does anyone know what "reloading trick to find out if I'm host"...what reload trick is he talking about?????

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Being host can be great - if everyone elses connections are good (4 bars).

If someone in the lobby has 3 or less bars though, watch out. I would recommend quiting at the countdown if your lobby is riddled with 3 or less bars

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am in the same boat as the OP, to get over it i just livestream my games to youtube via the ingame link and am yet to become host while doing this. Even when it comes up stopped streaming as long as the red writing is still on the game i dont become host....Also yesterday i tried connecting via my laptop and setting down and upload speed to 0.5mb and that worked great aswell becouse i still get 20 ping but never host its just a fuck on setting it up.

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I'm host quite often as well. Sometimes it's ok, but most times it's bad. I've had times where I turned it on and hosted 10/10, backing out of each one till I just turned it off and said screw it.

Bad part is all the stuff I've done to optimize my connection has just maximized my chances of being host.

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