Black Ops II Xbox 360


  I'm new to posting here so I hope I can get some help.  As you can probly guess I have the X-box 360 version of COD Black Ops 2.  It doesn't seem to be working for me very well.  I judge this from a distinct feeling of latency in the game.  I have checked my personal Internet for issues several times, I currently have a 25ms ping, 30mbps down stream, and 5mbps up.  Granted it's not the fastest connection in the world, but I still suffer from lag of up to what feels like 750ms+.  Which is where people start coming around corners befor I can see them.  Then of course shooting and killing me befor I am aware of what happened.  :/

I have forwarded all of my ports, and even shut off every other thing that could be using internet.  I am a secured network, with no intruders.  I use a cable not wireless.  And lastly I just cant figure out where this lag comes from... 

I did some number crunching and my Ping from my network to Kenya, a sizable distance, is around 350ms.  So unless I am playing people in a low earth orbit I shouldn't be having to "lead" targets to get kills.

Any help is welcome.

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