Black Ops II Xbox 360

Okay this is for xbox360. Alright first of all i wanted to buy season pass for the dlc packs and the new bo2 gun but then i saw nuketown zombies? Im like what? I already have it because i got hardened? So i don't know what to do? I mean if i buy season pass i paid extra 1000 mircosoft points for nothing? Because i already have nuketown zombies? So help me? What do i do?

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Trey doesn't care about those hardcore fans who bought the Collecter's Editions. If they did, they would offer something else to CE owners - something equivelent to Nuketown Zombies.

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the season pass is for all the DLC. You save $10 on all the DLC packs if you buy the season pass. Nuketown Zombies is just a sign up bonus.

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