Black Ops II Xbox 360

Am I the only person who can shoot somebody in the face and not kill them? This is something that's bugging the crap out of me! All I can see is someone's head, I shoot them in the FACE, and all I get are hitmarkers...

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i get the same thing. not just you.

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Happens to me too when it's lagging. Just makes the headglitching more and more useful.

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Headshots are totally random In the game more or less of the time.

I find it more easy when I need headshots (for camo's) just to put on a laser sight and hip fire.

When Aiming for the head it just won't register a lot of times.

The first gun I got gold was the B23R with a laser sight and an extended mag.

It was way more easy scoring those headshots while hipfiring.

Complete Bull if you ask me.

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You're not alone....

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Not alone in this. especially when shooting head glitchers, nothing more frustrating than getting hit markers. All I can see is your head, and I hit you.. so...

Has just made the challegnes somewhat frustrating as I am trying to get headshots for camos.

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For some reason, I'm having an easy time getting headshots for the MSMC, the 5th SMG I'm working on getting gold followed by the burst fire Chicom QCB which I need to get gold for that diamond camo for every SMG. If an enemy isn't moving, my tip is shoot their head for a free headshot.

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yeah, in theory. I've walked up on many a sniper put the gun, in most cases an AR, to the back of his/her dome and got squat for headshots. oh yeah i get a kill but no headshot.

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I got hit markers with the Death Machine at point blank range in the guy's face, and he kills me!?!?  I want to like this game, but I am having trouble getting past the lag compensation that hurts strong connections, and the small maps.  The game spawns enemies next to while I am calling in Care Packages.  The first few times I thought the game was just messing with me.  I alwys throw up a UAV before callign them in, and sure enough, the red dots pop up around me.  I hope Treyarch plans to address more issues with future patches.  So far this game feels like a waste of money.

For head shot help, you may want to try Control Freek adaptors if you have large hands.  I ordered a pair, and added one to my aiming toggle. The controller feels better in my hands now ( I have an 8 inch span from the bottom of my palm to the tip of my middle finger).  Another option might be a larger controller, but I have not looked into them yet.

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Thats just horrible luck.

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