Have lag, invisible people, bending bullets, and people using an uncloaking device? It could be your connection and not the game

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i'll bet in 3 months time lag comp will be ironed out and working.  there net code is just sh*t, i don't care what anyone else thinks they know. 

this game is filled with bugs, its a fact so they clearly dropped a clanger with their net code for match making, that got fixed as now its region based.... well done treyarch. it wasn't broke so you broke it then fixed.

clearly there are party based issues as so many times me and friends get un partied or fired off into different games etc.

so lag comp has probably been stuffed up but they don't want to admit liability or look stupid.  no comment officially at all in terms of them saying they may have issues that they can fix to at least help with this issue is a sign they know they are guilty.  they asked for videos and loads turned up... silence followed... taking the 5th is a sign of guilt most of the time.

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All good points. There are many many reasons to have lag or issues with a conection. I simply wanted to let people know this is what I have found. I tried to play today and it was worse. It is an ISP issue for me and was confirmed by the isp. I have had some issues in the past but that was when I had a 6 person team on chat. Often I read people just blaming a game. Kuddo's to those that have looked into all the options and possibilities before posting "This game sucks". Again not saying this is the cause to everyones issues but something to look into.

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I still have lag problems and a lot of WTF momets.  If I'm host, I'll back out and find a new lobby.

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The weaker connections get lag compensation, usually when ping is over 100ms. This is normal, but I think the issue with BO2 is that they're being over compensated. Therefore making them superior to the better connections. I cant explain that in any better way. BUT, and before you know it alls jump all over me, Who you connect to effects your connection. Your party leader will effect your connection. Host migration to a completely new game host will effect your connection, and so on...

Want to test this? Play a few games by yourself "I mean join a couple multiplayer games with settings set to best", you will do according to your ability in most cases. Now HOST a lobby and take in a couple friends, you "MAY" continute to play to your ability. Now have a friend host "preferably not in your immediate location" and see how it goes then. Starting to see a big difference? Yes.

Not only that, I have friends that get together with me nightly, and there is one from Texas "I'm in NY" and he has fiber optic internet with "wet dream speed", he always gets host, and I suffer from sponge bullets. The moment he leaves, and the rest of us are all east coasters, I generally finish top of the lobby.

There are too many things to consider when it comes to connection and how lag is created within the game. Now keep in mind once in a while we will connect to a game host that simply cannot handle 12 people and we all suffer from sponge bullets, being 1 second behind, etc, etc... I do see the over compensation as a real issue that needs to be addressed, but 8 out of 10 games, I simply love game.

Now I must talk about line noise, when the rr tech came to my house, he tested all lines but failed to put my connecters back very tight. So when I went to tighten then, I found some real old splitters and replaced them with gold plated splitters and tightened them down real good, since then, it has been awesome. So to sum all of this up, check every aspect of your setups, your tweaks, and ofcourse ALL of the hardware.

Here is my setup, and tech tested at home with no line noise:

30mb down, 5mb up

Port triggering for all xbox ports

hard wired with NOTHING else connected to the modem/router combo

wireless disabled

30.7mb d/l - 5.07mb u/l from speedtest.net and speakeasy.net to NC "where my buddy lives and he is usually the host of our lobbies".

Im not saying there is no issue with the game, just test everything fully before blaming the game. I know there is an issue with the lag compensation, and hope they fix it soon. For me? Fix the spawns, and no I wont go into detail, dont think I have to and you all wont read another book...

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I've experienced lag in other COD games as well. I played MW2 the other day and it was just as bad. 

I decided to look into connections for online gaming a bit and found a tip that QOS should be enabled on your router.  I enabled this and I played several games today and it seems to be working much better.  There was only one match with invisible men around corners and kill cams that would show me looking the other direction and not even firing my gun even though I rememebered emptying half a clip or firing a shotgun twice.  In that match there was also a solo player who got 67 kills which makes me suspicious of hackers taking advantage of the lag problems.  This could just be a freaky coincidence though and tomorrow the invisible men will come back to get me.

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My theory is this. It's just an idea so there's no proof or anything but it is plausible.

I think that the Xbox360 is simply at its limit of processing power. Since MW2 we've had new OS on the box,

Kinect added, this added, that added. The games themselves have half a dozen extra features added to them. With all this extra work for the box to do, it could be that we are simply seeing a delay between and action, it been processed and us seeing it. That's why it's inconsistent from person to person. There's dozens of threads blaming different things for the quality of the game but the only thing that remains consistent is we are all using the same hardware. It's hardware that is now old and devs keeping stretching its capabilities.

Try running windows 8 on a windows xp machine. It will struggle. Ever run a pc game on a graphics card that's not up to the job? It "lags" stutters drop frames etc, very similar to what we are experiencing.

I think we just have to put up with what we have and when the 720 releases later this year, buy CoD and ill put money on it been perfect. (Famous last words).

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