Has anyone seen the new Sabertooth controller?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

TheZombified wrote:

I have TE Onza and had the gel pads tear on the sticks otherwise it was a great controller until my son spilled Koolaid on it.

If you have an Onza you can enter it's serial number and recieve an additionl $10 off this one on their web site.

I'm excited for the controller and looking forward to putting it through it's paces.

thats happened to quite a few people i know, ironically whilst on xbl party chat after saying mine was fine the sprint button (left joystick) broke)  sent it back to amazon who wouldnt replace it as they had at the time pulled them due to so many coming back.

im hoping this new controller is better, i love razor pc products  hopeuflly this next gen one had addressed alot of issues if so i could easily see mysef buying one

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im just sticking with scuf... good quality

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I haven't used the scuff but have a fellow gamer that has one with the 2 added buttons he's happy with it. For the price I figured I'd try this on before dropping 120+ on a scuff plus 6 is better than 2

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It's cheaper than the Scuf-Controller, isn't it?

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If this is some rapid fire cheater controller I am going to report everyone on here. I can't stand cheaters.

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its a remapping controller, not rapid fire.

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I'm sticking with Scuf. I have four Razer products and my experience with Razer is a hit or miss. I have the Imperator and it works fine while their top of the line, the Ouroboros, is glitchy. Their Nostromo and Orbweaver works great.

That Sabertooth looks great and intriguing but I'll wait for reviews first before I buy another Razer product.


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Am I the only one using a standard XBox slim controller anymore? lol

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No, cause I still use my Wireless ones from my xbox Elite.

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Once you go Scuf, you'll never go back.

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