Has anyone ever played CoD using...

Black Ops II Xbox 360

....those control stick extender thingys that some youtubers use? If so, any difference in your gameplay?

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I think they are called FPS KontrolFreeks.  I have used them, but they felt really awkward to me, couldn't get used to them.  So I never really got to the point where I noticed a difference. 

I have heard some good reviews about them, some people claim they work wonders.   They claim that the extension on the stick gives you more leverage which makes smaller movements much more precise.  It makes sense if you think about it.  I just couldn't get over how weird they felt.

Anyway, you should try them they are only like 10 bucks.  Maybe they will work for you.

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I got a pair from GameStop Powerup Rewards. They take some getting used to but they do make little movements more precise. You don't have to move your fingers as much so you can make movements more quickly. When I pair this with my Avenger, the result is kinda nuts!

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what's "Avenger"?

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Avenger is a controller attachment. It wraps around the controller so you don't have to move your thumbs off the joysticks. You're able to hit all the buttons but the "A" button with your other fingers. It's improved my k/d almost two fold. It's kind of expensive but well worth it in my opinion.

Here's a link to the website:


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Oh and more importantly, it's legal to use in competition play

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I just got the KontrolFreeks friday, I love them. I have always played  Black ops 1 on default sensitivity and Black Ops 2 on a +2-3 I think from default....and it sucks when you need to turn around fast to kill someone. However, setting it up higher causes me to have a hard time with slight adjustments in aiming, I always move way to far. With the KontrolFreeks, I have been able to set my sensitivty on 8-9 and I can still fine point aim, and if I really need to swing around, I can push the stick that extra distance for a fast spin around. I only play with the one on my first stick though, I was finding it hard to run with the longer stick. I would defintly give them a try, worse case senario... you waste 10 bucks, not a big loss. But I think you will like them

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