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There should be Hardcore mode for every game type!,,,

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At least Kill Confirmed. That's one of the most popular Game Modes

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i loved mw3 KC HC. instant respawn. but i agree.. we should have every mode core has. or at least domination, KC, the new multi team and hardpoint... and nuketown 24 7. and i just hope they dont group everything together in a moshpit like mw3. i dont mind having a moshpit option, but i hate when mw3 switched over and it was the only option.. sometimes i just wanna play 1 gamemode with out constantly leaving and gambling on getting in a game

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make it ricochet too im sick of getting kicked from a dumbass teammate waking in front of my gun

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to hell with that bs, if your in the way you will either get down, or get killed. ive been killed by ricochet so many times cause people walk  in frount of me

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I'm would totall agree with this, except for one thing....Friendly Gamertags need to show up a little faster. Most of the time if I kill a teammate its because I've shot them before their name popped up.

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Ricochet is for noobs!! Keep hardcore the way it is. That doesn't happen very often and you're just pissed cause of one incident probably. Ricochet is hardcore with training wheels!!

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Yea I dont kno why these game designers always start from square one...they can;t just put stuff in the the game we want without hassle...

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Bullets that don't kill? Why not play have Hardcore! It's an insult to the players by the developers to not have these modes in HDC.

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HC Dom

HC Hardpoint

At minimum these modes should have been available at launch....Treyarch still hasn't told anyone why they weren't.  Regardless they need to put them in quick or this game is going back to Gamestop in a month.

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