Hard Core KC - Love it

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Hard Core KC - Love it


I've been playing HC KC over the past couple of days, I love it.

I tried to stay away from Hardcore due to not liking the delay in spawning after getting kill, so glad they took that out.  I know a lot of people didn't like them doing this, however, HC is alot better due to it.

However, over the past couple of days, I've seen some players who really should stay away from this game mode due to not confirming the kill, I've seen players going 30 kills and 4 confirms.

The state below, is from one of my better games -

Kills - 53

Deaths - 6

Confirms - 33

I really couldn't get to some of the tags due to the kills being from my kill streaks, I did make the effort to get them, but couldn't get them.

So, would you rather team up with someone who goes, 20 kill and 20 deaths but 16 confirms, or someone who goes 30 kills 5 deaths and 4 confirms?

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Re: Hard Core KC - Love it

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I'd rather play with a person that confirms 15+ kills over anyone that confirms less than 10. I'll admit my confirm rate plummeted when I was working on diamond LMGs, I would go like 25-10 with 5 confirms, I wasn't happy about it, but thats the LMG playstyle. My pistol only class I die a lot sure, but I usually rack up 30+ kills with 30+ confirms. Those are the people I would rather play with.

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Re: Hard Core KC - Love it

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I always attempt to go for my tags but as an Assault Rifle user I miss out on a lot of them. This is mainly due to my team running for the tags whether I'm close to them or not. Drives me nuts when I'm so close to a Scorestreak because these same people avoid the tag if I'm no where near it.

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Re: Hard Core KC - Love it

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TBH... you need a mix of guys to win. Tag whores and tag makers. If everyone is running around, that's no bueno.

... but...

... if everyone is camping, also no bueno.

Give me the guy with a mic and common sense to adapt to what is needed.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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Re: Hard Core KC - Love it

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Actually i still think that they can take HCKC and shove it where the sun doesn't shine ( even know i like the play list and i am actually good at it) and bring back HCFFA......Still can't get over that. Sorry i know it over talked about but only speaking my mind. What i think really is that they should just have both and make everyone happy. Or even twist it up a little and have HC-FFA\KC. Now that would be pretty intresting, even to just paly a little and see it flop due to boosters.

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Re: Hard Core KC - Love it

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I hate it....its the last gametype that should be for hard core....

its to arcadey and doesn't fit in....

HCHQ COD4 Style and a mosh pit sound good.

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