HQ spawns aren't objective oriented anymore

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Before the update, I was able to play HQ and spawn without getting shot in the back by an MP7 or PDW, but now I can't. I'm guessing that this is what Treyarch calls "balance": If we nerf your guns so you can't spray across the map with them, we'll make the spawns so that you don't have too. They also made it so that as soon as you capture the HQ, the enemy spawns behind you, so you get buttstuffed. It looks like Treyarch doesn't want people to play the objective in HQ if they keep upping the risks of actually going for it, which kind of expalins why most of the scrubs i've played against today wouldn't go for the HQ, but would rather just camp near it for kills.

I enjoying capturing the HQ and getting 200 points for it, but why should I bother anymore if i'll just get spawned on, when I can just camp near it and cover my teammates on it while I rack up kills?

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