Black Ops II Xbox 360

In my YouTube video I run down on all of the items you get in the 2 special editions of BO2 and how much it would be worth all together if you were to buy each broduct seperatly, so just check out the video it helped make me decide!

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Kind of like watching an accountant at work. Really.

The challenge coins will have the codes for the downloads on them, as shown in the unboxing video.

Somewhat interesting breakdown, but truly unneccessary. People will get the edition they want to have. The value of the contents inside is really irrelevant, the value to the purchaser is what matters. If someone wants the collectibles inside, they will get the Care Package. If they don't want the Quadrotor, they'll save their money. If they are a CoD Collector, like myself, they may go for the Hardened Edition for the maps, camos, and the steelbook (I have the steelbook for the past several titles, may get it just for that but not sure if worth the expenditure.

The true value is in the eye of the beholder. Anyone buying these thinking they are eventually going to be worth a lot of money is delusional. The option is there for anyone. Get what you can afford and what you want.

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thank you for your reply, i was simply trying to give an understandable yet detailed rundown of the value as some people are money consious, just trying to help that is all

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Didn't watch video, sorry Otis don't play 'dat.  But I assume it is like all the other great debates out there.  Is a hardcover box, some trinkets and the extra Zombies map worth an extra $20?

As the dude above says, it all depends on what you value.  If Zombies is your drink of choice, then I would assume you would be more then willing to shell out $20 for the map alone.  If not then it really is kind of a rip-off.

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Surely you shouldn't include the Nuketown 2025 map because majority of people will get that free, and you working it so that your paying for it? That shouldn't be right.

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Have you guys checked the conversion rates for what these editions would cost americans as opposed to people in the uk? it works out that people in the uk spend an extra £10 on the hardened edition and an extra £50 on the care package compared to americans, pretty sh*t if you ask me.

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