Grip attachment, mainly for the SCAR

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Any thoughts on why the grip attachment doesn't actually work?  The SCAR needs it to work but it doesn't help one bit. Was Treyarch thinking the placebo effect was gonna work for us??  It's almost only the scar that even needs it in this game. All the SMGs, shotties,sniper rifles and LMGs are laser beams it seems.

The humble SCAR, a beloved weapon in past CoDs now nerfed so close to unusable it's sad!

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I like the damage, but the rate of fire is way to slow.

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It works for me on long range shots.  It doesn't make it a laser beam but it does improve the accuracy enough to make it useable long range.  Generally, however, I prefer to use the SCAR in mid range fights.

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Have you tried select fire to reduce the recoil? Just keep it in burst fire.

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