Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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There is no skill in hip firing an SMG and letting the auto aim system get you kills.

If you want to be at the top of the leaderboard this is your only option all other paths are limited. 

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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Hip firing SMG's aren't new to this game.  They seem to have less range than they have had in other games, so there is your balance.  If hip firing SMG's are all-powerful, why aren't you rising to the top using a similar set-up? 

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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I prefer to use ARs and aim.  I also perfer strategy and skill.  This is why I prefer the original title. 

Everyone in my group has an OP SMG hip fire class or a try hard class as others call it.  My team starts with ARs then when they are constantly being beat by hip firing SMGs we all switch.  We win we move on.  The problem is that it becomes the only solution.  I should not have to use an SMG and hip fire in every battle to win.

We play the way we want to for the first 5 minutes of our HC CTF round.  If we are getting beat because we are losing battles we all switch classes.  Part of me thinks it is comical to watch the other team go from winning every battle to losing most battles.  On the other hand it is boring to be limited to such a chaotic style of play. 

There is no range balance in this game because the maps are all small.  Even on the larger maps the SMGs are still as accurate when ADS over a distance as the ARs.  However, since most battles take place within a matter of feet it does not matter. 

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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slap1i wrote:

Do you ever find yourself in a lobby with a guy who repeatedely rises to the top of the scoreboard?  It doesn't matter which map you play, he seems to have them all figured out?  I see this guy as a skilled player, and use his greatness as a reminder that there is indeed skills needed.  If everything was based on casual skill, wouldn't you expect to see other random people overtake that fellow at the top?  How can you argue that it takes no skill when a skilled player finds himself at the top after every game?

The more I play this game, the more I seem to figure it out.  The new maps are just that, new.  I find myself doing much better after two weeks, and I expect I'll be even better in two more.  It's still a relatively new game, and I would hope that people haven't hit the skill ceiling within the first month. 

As you've been hearing, give it more time.  Treyarch released a fix last week, and chances are there will be others in the near future.

The only people I see rise to the top of the scoreboard are the people who seem to sponge bullets and instakill you. You can tell during your first encounter with that player that he's going to be at the top because he's a second ahead of everyone else. Has nothing to do with skill.

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I think core players experience more lag than hardcore. Hardcore balances out the power of guns too. You all need to ditch core and move on to hardcore! I don't see why any cod vet could stand core after playing hardcore! You don't have skulls to indicate where the enemy is, you don't get noob killcams and 70% less health evens the gun battles! Not hating on core but it feels like cod with training wheels.

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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No one does tournaments in Hardcore... thus I don't play Hardcore.

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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Im with ya bro. I agree on everything you said

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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Unfortunately, the OP hits the nail on the head with every single point. My entire team of people that have been playing to gether since the first Rainbow 6 back on the Orig Xbox all concurs. This game has been watered down to make everyone equal in every way possible.  As Ive stated in many of the other posts here on the forums this is socialism creeping its way into our video games now. Those people who are blind to see how its happening are in for a rude awakening. You will of course find a large group of people to disagree with this post because people love their lag comp and free Obama cell phones.  Crappy players can now break even. Great players can barely break even.

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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I agree completly with you. I have said in prev posts if there were no lag issues the biggest problem is the spawns. Then the maps w/head glitches you cant shoot through even w/FMJ and paper thin walls where FMJ isnt even needed. But the gun balance is horrible. In MW3 the SMG's were different from each other. My GF used the PP90M1 and I used the P90 and UMP45. I couldnt use the PP90M1 as effectively as she could so I didnt use it. That is something missing from this game, guns that feel different. I remember hip firing being a panic reaction that was successful less than half of the time, but now, it is the best way to play.

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Re: Goodbye Skill, hello casual CoD....

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Im an avid fan of first person shooters. Been playin them religiously for 12 years. Played counterstrike 1.6 competetivly for 3 years. Had my 5 star general in halo 3. Played every cod ever made. Im ranked number 1 on the planet in xbox KillConfirmed on mw3. Im a hardcore gamer, and have been my whole life. I LOVE video games. After playin black ops 2 i realized hell does exist, and it was made by treyarc. Im convinced that nobody at this company actually played the game before they released it and heres why....

1.) They told us they wanted to discourage camping but 95% of the corners in every map in this game have a headglitch to camp on. Run & Gunning is but a distant memory because of this.

2.) The lag compensation in this game is so bad that you get killed before seeing your enemy or you get shot in the back after getting 7ft behind cover. Good connection in this game means you get penalized.

3.) Shotguns are insanely overpowered. You can get 5 hit markers on a guy only to have him turn around and 1 shot you from 30 ft away.

4,) The pistols in this game do more close quarters damage (especially the 3round burst one) than a smg, and smgs are overpowered.

5.) Assault rifles are extremely weak and really serve no purpose because of the amount of clutter in the maps. Unless you stalker walk everywhere you go your not winning a gun battle against and smg.

6.) Uavs are extremely easy to get so they are constantly in the air & if you dont run ghost and move absolutely constantly the enemy is going to prefire you around half the corners you run around. You literally become visible to a uav if you stop running for 1.5 seconds with ghost on.

7.) The aim assist is so strong in this game that it will track you even when you run behind a wall. Ive seen guys track me like a homing missile 5ft behind a wall. Like the OP said, even bad cod players are now pros because of the aim assist. Think about it. how the hell can someone aim on a 14 sensitivity without copious amount of aim help.

8.) Bouncing bettys not only detonate extremely fast after being triggered but after they are thrown out they can be triggered within a second of hitting the ground. Its pretty much a self detonating c4. Oh, and lets not forget that they can be scavenged now.

9.) Scorestreaks are the exact same as every other cod. There was no creativity in making them at all. You have the typical helicopter thats in every cod, you have the agr which is just an assault drone. You have the loadstar which is just a reaper. You have a sentry gun which isnt new. Typical UAV/Counter UAV. lightning strike which is just a Mortar/Air strike. Hellfire missle which is just a slightly modified predator missile. Care package which isnt new. I mean even the best scorestreak in the game is just a bunch of the same small scorestreak. thats pure non innovative crap. Dogs arent new, and they run as slow as turtles. Orbital Vsat is just a blackbird.

10.) Multiplayer parties constantly crash and put everyone in separate lobbies.

11.) Theatre mode sometimes only saves half a video or no video at all and the render to youtube option either doesnt work at all or renders a 2 second long clip regardless of the actual video length.

12.) During zombie games people will randomly get kicked out of the game regardless of who is hosting the lobby and whoever decided to put the lava cracks in zombie maps should be fired.

13.) When a host dashboards during a multiplayer game the entire game crashes and kicks everyone out. Even after making billions and billions of dollars on these games they dont make dedicated servers for us.

14.) Leaderboards are based on score per minute which means somebody can play a single game of a certain gametype and be ranked number 1 in the world. For example during a kill confirmed game if a team allows one player to pick up all the tags and get most of the kills that player will have a massive score per minute and be ranked exremely high. Then they never play that gamemode again and stay super high on the leaderboards. Look at the top ranks in the gamemodes. Its a joke. Theres no total wins leaderboard, theres no total kills leaderboard, and you cant even see your losses.

15.) Dead Silence and Awareness are completely useless perks. I have a very good sound system and have been able to hear every little sound in previous cods including footsteps without the perks like sitrep pro in mw3 but in this game there is nothing. I feel like a chicken with my head cut off running around pointlessly. Unless i have deadsilence and awareness on at the same time and there isnt a sinlge gun shooting anywhere on the map or an explosion or an aircraft then i might hear a guy when hes 5 ft behind me. otherwise they are silent. Funny thing is they sell people BO2 turtle beach headsets which dont do a damn thing. People have literally purchased $300 headsets for cod footsteps and these fools take that away like its nothing. Footsteps have been part of cod since day one.

Im sure Ive missed somethings that others have seen but im sick of writing about this catastrophy of a game. For these reasons and others are why die hard cod fans arent playin this anymore. I dont think they are going to be able to fix all these problems. This game has fundamental defects. Im not sure what kind of players they were trying to please or who actually thought some of these things were good ideas but this was a failure of epic proportions. I would be embarrassed to work for treyarc and have my name in the credits of this game. I wanted to love this game, hell i even tried to but unfortunately it feels like a lost cause. I wish they could start over and make an entirely new game but thats not possible. Now all i have to hope for is that the new modern warfare learns from these brutal mistakes and creates a quality game next year. Thank you for ruining call of duty for me treyarc. I didnt even think that was possible.

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