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Black Ops II Xbox 360

That is because HQ game lasts 20min and if you have a full party you can control when the game ends. While in TDM/Dom there is only 75 total kills or you have till 200 pts to get kills while your teamates are usually doing the same thing you are rushing/camping the enemy spawn.

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Yea, I have 3.93 million score overall, just passed 1000 wins out of 1700 matches played, and my KD is just breaking 1, but its because in a game of Dom, I might die 30 times, but I will have 10+ caps and 10+ defends.. oh well to each their own (team)

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Your friends list is full

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I'll delete someone and add you.

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I have a 4.76 KDR. I always dashboard.

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