Getting on the roof in Standoff- Glitch or legit?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

you can straf from the car to the top edge of the barrel on xbox but once you are there you can not get any further.  had to try it would be an incredible trickshot spot!!!!

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It's patched on PC also, the barrels have an invisible barrier above them.

What's really pathetic is that these things should be a part of the map. We should be able to hop, climb, and jump our way to ANY spot within the boundaries of the map.

Back in CoD4 they actually made maps a little like that and they were awesome. The community made maps on PC offered full freedom and were some of the best ever made. (far better than stock)

Remember overgrown? Where it was possible to climb up on the rooftop of pretty much every building in the map.

Just try to imagine what standoff would be like if we could jump and climb up on every waist high object.... it would be possible to get up on most of the roofs in the map, and would add alot to the gameplay. (plus the maps would "feel" bigger)

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true. The worst part is that it is arbitrary and inconsistent. There can be two barrels or two boxes that are exactly alike, and only one of them will be climbable. Also, there are things that are like 2 feet tall that are not climbable or jumpable, which is stupid. I dont know what treyarc has against finding creative spots. In Modern Warfare 2, you can pretty much climb anything that looks climable, which gave it lots of variety, and was one of the several reasons it was a better game.

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