Getting on the roof in Standoff- Glitch or legit?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Hello everyone. When playing in the Standoff map, i like to get on the roof of tye church-looking building. It doesnt require any glitching (ie care package stacking, etc) and is fairly easy to do, but I dont ever see anyone else using this spot. I made a video showing how to get on the roof, but I play on the ps3, can someone comfirm if this also works on xbox? Also, is it a glitch, or is it intentional, kn the prigrammer's part, that we get on the roof?

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lol are you serious? ima go try this in a custom match on my xbox right now

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Doesn't seem to be a glitch as you simply used game mechanics to get there. It is a tangible location on the map and you are susceptible to fire there.

Not sure I would use it, but interesting to know.

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That is similar to the old waw map with the planes on them where you could get on the dirt mound by doing some creative jumping. Proably not an intentional area to use so may be a glitch. Even though you could get there fairly easily just not make it a place that you are meant to go. Since it did take some creative thinking on how to get there.

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Whaaaaaaaa!!!!! I gotta try this!!! Seems legit tho.

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I wasn't able to duplicate what was shown in the video on Xbox. I couldn't get on the very first barrel. Also, for some reason, I was much "taller" when I walked up to the barrel. I wasn't looking at it at the level you were, I was much higher, and was more looking down than level.

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theres a barrier on those barrels on xbox i tried it and even used a care package.

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Obvious glitch. Fact that the guy in the video tells you to be careful or you will trap yourself between the walls says it all.

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definite glitch but would be a great spot for hardcore ctf you could pretty much control the whole map from up there

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