GREATLY DISAPPOINTED: ACTIVISION and anyone who works for them are THIEVES!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

To Whom It May Concern,

Call of Duty: Black Ops II is an extremely faulty product and selling it to loyal consumers of the COD franchise was wrong and deceptive.  I cannot think of one good reason as to why 1000s of consumers are experiencing technical issues with your product.

This game has been produced for years, and the interface has been mastered.  What has changed so much to cause so much disruption and issues with this game's compatibility for the XBOX 360 and PS3?......We as consumers want answers NOW!!!!!

I find it to hard believe that these issues did not arise during game testing trials for both systems.  It is a known fact that most videogames are tested rigorously by the game's developers and outside testers before being released to the market.  I mean this is what most businesses do when releasing a product for financial gain, correct? SO WHY SO MANY PROBLEMS????

The greed of some business managers to rush the release of COD Black Ops 2 has resulted in many upset retail stores and consumers.  How can we ever trust your product again?  Why would retail stores agree to distribute your product only to have hundreds of people return your game a few days later?... That's just a lot of paperwork and hassle for them... Especially when they have the option to just sell a different popular game title and not have to worry about angry consumers.

How can we as consumers trust "videogame reviewers" to give us accurate, honest, and non-biased reviews of products? (Unless you handed out "clean copies" for review and mass produced the crappy ones.)

How would you as a consumer feel to be betrayed by a franchise that you have had faith in for years?  ....And then after being betrayed, have nothing but a silent response from the franchise?  The only information we have is dozens of miscellaneous gaming forums filled with complaints from other customers.  I have not found a single official public apology (but if I missed it, I apologize for jumping to conclusions).

FYI - In my situation, my girlfriend and I just purchased and opened your product this evening after work and didn't even get to play a single game!  For the high price of $63, we expected quality, content, and user-friendly gaming. We didn't get any of that, and it's simply not fair. To be quite frank, this is the WORST gaming experience I have ever had in my life. I have never opened a new game and seen so many software issues....

The game froze at least three times, and we had to hard-reset the Xbox 360, which is ruining my system and is another issue altogether.  We almost got into a multiplayer game, but as it was about to start, it froze again.  We are extremely disappointed and upset with this situation.  Call of Duty is one of our favorite game series (if not the favorite!), but unfortunately we are not able to enjoy it.  We now have to worry about trying to return it and will likely not even get our money back -- and the only other option will be to exchange it for another copy of the same game, which, based on the forum postings of other gamers, is likely to have the same problems.

In closing, I hope you find it in your hearts, while you're sitting around rolling in your money, to remedy this situation for all gamers. Instead of giving us constant downloads and "quick-fixes", the title should either be re-relased at a discounted price or vouchers should be sent out to all major gaming retailers.

I expect this situation to be addressed appropriately ASAP or I vow to you that I will never purchase another Activision title ever again.  And I would strongly recommend to other to do the same.

Thank you for your time...


A disappointed gamer and once loyal fan of the COD franchise

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It is more then likely your xbox that has the problem not the game. Never freezes with me.

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Actually i have had my game freeze more with BO2 in the time it has been out than anyother game ever.  And i have a practically new box. Since owning this Box i have def spent more time on BO2 than any other game, but no other game has yet to freeze even once.  coincidence??

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If its freezing right out of the gate then its probably a defective disk.

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They are not thieves by any means, they did not steal anything from you. You chose to buy the game, no one made you go buy it. So no one cheated you or stole anything from you. You have only yourself to be at blame for buying the game.

You can try and ask for an answer but they do not have to give you one at all. You have no control over them and what they say or do not and never have  and never will. Your only power is the choice to buy the game or not. They owe you nothing and never did.

Even with rigorous testing and checking bugs and glitches can make it in to the code and release. No game ever made has ever been 100% perfect at release ever for any console ever. Even games back on the N64, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Master System, Playstation had bugs within them and or glitches at times. At least with the newer consoles you can get an update to maybe help fix the problem, where with those older systems you had to return the game and hope they would replace it at the store and hope the new copy did not have it.

Your fault is for blindly beleiving anything that was ever said on the tv in newspaper or at a retail store. never believe everything you see, read, hear by anyone. If you do only you are at fault for doing so.

Hardreseting an Xbox does not ruin the system at all or even hurt it. So again that statement is fail and proves you do not know as much about the console as you like to think.

They are not going to make a full new copy of the game and rerlease it at discounted price or give it to previous buyers for free. That will never happen and to think they would or should ever do so really shows you no very little about how this buisness works.

They are not going to apologize for not everyone has the problems you claim to have so there is no reason for them to make a mass apology just to make players like you happy about it.

You can make all the vows you want, you can make all the promises and threats you want, they do not care for they allready got your money this time. And if you do not buy next time it is no real loss to them.

Plus if your box is freezing up as much as you claim it is your box that is the problem and not the game. Your harddrive is probably wearing out and will have to be replaced. For those things do go bad even if the system is only a year old or less.

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You should go and kiss them.

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Re post below, I'll kiss em if you like,  just not Vahn and the other blokes

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Doesn't freeze and works good for me. 

I'm v happy with it i reckon its great, some arent happy cos it doesnt work for them. MW3 was troublesome for me.  Sigh....such is life.

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Lol yeah MW3 was pretty smooth for me didn't have any problems ! Karma's a BIT€h !! Lol

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