Freezing after update.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Xbox 360 here.

It has done this to me about 4 times now. Every time I am changing a class and the game starts while I'm in CaC, my game freezes. It doesn't fix itself, so I'm forced to restart my whole Xbox. It has only done this after the update. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else yet.

It froze one other time too, but that was when I was trying to load my combat record and I wasn't even in a lobby at the time.

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I restart my xbox twice today

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Had this only happening after today's update and it's almost every game for the last past hour, crazy things happen when i do get into a game like not registering bullets etc.

Even custom games freeze when on game starts countdown

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I was having the same problems on my 360 slim. i went back to my old phat 360 last night and so far no issues

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