Found Something That May help with Hit Detection and Lag Issues(updated) FAIL

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It should not matter what my results are at 2000 miles. Considering I live in the middle of the US, at no point should matchmaking put me in a game 2000 miles away. You shouldn't have an "A" 2000 miles away. That is exactly why you should not be matchmade with players 2000 miles away.Not even sure what purpose showing my ping at 2000 miles away would serve? Unless Chicago (200 miles away) and St. Louis (90 miles away) have banned gaming I should never have to be worried about being farther out than that unless its 2 in the morning. Here is my ping to England 4100 miles away and I added Australia for S and G's. Even the connection I get to Australia 9100 miles away should not create the 1 second lag and 25% hit markers I get every game. I have no doubt that is the overloaded information/data servers Activision uses. They do not have the capicity to handle their player base in some areas. It's the only logical reason. I have ruled out anything else.

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Re: Found Something That May help with Hit Detecti...

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I think they should close the servers for WAW, and MW2 and see if that helps fix some of the lag issues everyone is having.  I played HC S&D this morning and was going 10-1 and 13-2, hop on tonight and start going 6-6 , 5-7, etc.

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