Forcing myself to enjoy this game

Black Ops II Xbox 360

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My advice to you FixBlops2 is to take a break from the game.

I did the same with MW3. I didn't play until late January after the devs did a few tweaks to the connectivity in which I put the disc back into the tray.

If you aren't having fun, there's really no point in playing it. There are some great games out at the moment that can take over BO2 for the time being.

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You arent obliged to play this game, they arent forcing something else if you dont enjoy it.

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I used to be able to just sit there for hours on end without taking breaks and play. That was back in the COD4 and early MW2 days. But after that, I started playing in matches that were more or less frustrating and just plain stupid. It was at that point when I would just play a few matches depending on how they were. If they were good matches then I would keep playing. If they were bad matches, I would have to leave and go to a new lobby. But if I kept getting bad matches, then I would have had to just sit at my dashboard for about a half hour or so just to cool down and try then i would get back on to try again.

It is all up to you. I wouldnt say to give up altogether. This isnt COD4 anymore where you could constantly play against decent people without any trouble. It has gotten to the point now where you have to just take a break every now and then.

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I think you should just stop playing it.

I have been through the same issue as you.

when the game lauched it seemed better for me, since the updates it has got bad, really bad.

I had the same problem with Blops 1 and MW3.

both of those games I sold after a few months. I was not going to get this at all, but my friends who got it on lauch day said it was better so a gave in and was like wow, this actually is better, but one of the things I actually said to them was lets see what it's like after a few updates.

Next thing I know here we are back to the same crap.

of course the flip side to it is that there were gamers who had it really bad before the updates and now it's better for them.

no game is perfect, but cod4 and mw2 were not as frustrating as this is now.  if you are not having fun there is no point.  I play more halo 4 now.  when that came out it didn't seem to play the greatest but it's a lot better now, unlike this game.

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