Forcing myself to enjoy this game

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Its not the change in game style i dislike about this game. i can handle that.  Its the fact i am always far behind the rest of the lobby and shots that should hit do not. I dont mind Losing or getting killed legit but when i die 2 seconds after getting behind cover its just unbareable.

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The connection issues are the problem not the game itself. The game is actually well put together in terms of pick 10 system weapons, maps, game modes. I like everything about BO2 but it is definately an unbalanced game where Lag decides outcome of the match and not who plays best the majoirty of the time.

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I feel they killed the game for me when they took the spawn timer out of hardcore team death.  All I ever played was true hardcore and had I known of this change I would not have bought the game.  Thanks 3arc for ruining the only mode you could be sure there wasn't any boosting going on.

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If it ain't fun don't play it.

After almost a month-and-a-half of trying to like this game I've decided I'll be swinging by my local gamestop to find out how much they'll give me for it.

I've heard around $30 - kinda sucks being as that's less than half what I paid but at this stage putting 7-8 gallons of gas in my car is worth far more than continuing to bang my head against this wall.

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I feel your pain. I was on the bad side of lag and it just magically disappeared. For a few weeks, the lag was unbearable. I play TDM 99% of the time and my KD went down from 1.5 down to 1.2 in just a week. It's now back to 1.5 and still climbing I did nothing to my connection. There is definitelty something wrong with this game and I hope not to be back on the bad side of lag.

I suggest you try and stop playing the game for a bit then comeback in January when the DLC drops. I'm pretty sure they will drop an update before the DLC and i do hope it will fix your lag. The game is okay when you're on the good side of it.

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the only thing keeping me from throwing this crap game is zombies

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I think BO2 is better than Halo 4 by a long shot.  Halo 4 IMO was a bigger joke than ODST.

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dont try to enjoy it, if you dont enjoy it, then ok, dont enjoy it, lag issues WONT be fixed as its everyone's Internet connection :c...

you could try to play something else, come back later, if not fixed, keep doing until you like it

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Why bother, I don't force myself to drink COD liver oil. See what gallp did here

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I don't force myself to kill people, I just do it because I enjoy doing it.

Luckily they will always respawn...

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