Forcing myself to enjoy this game

Black Ops II Xbox 360

When i start the game my frist thought is how bad the lag will be this time. While being in the game i analyse the lag more than actually having fun. Overall i feel like i am a beta test for a product that shouldn't be released. Some people don't experience lag but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, major lag problems are real and a major problem with this game.

I can't enjoy this game as hard as i try, the lag in this game is unbelievable huge and i am not that person that rages because of little lag, i have no problem with it if the lag would be small but to me the lag is gamebreaking, i can't rush in this game and even when i try to Headglitch its very difficult to win.

When i am in a lobby i have 9/10 a 4 Bar (a fake 4 Bar), i should have the best connections in most lobbies cause of this but i don't, it feels like i get a disadvantage or the other players with their almighty 3 Bar get a advantage, i don't know what it is, its just very frustrating to join a lobby, having a constant 4 Bar and yet i still lose to 3 Bar players because their connection is worse and they see me 1 seconds earlier while on my screen they aren't even there. It feels like i am playing a different game than these people, a parallel universe.

The first two weeks after the game came out were great, little lag was still present but not as huge as now, it was fun, people played the objective in Domination and all the good stuff.

Now in the last few weeks i feel like something is forcing me to playing this game and have zero fun with this game, i love Call of Duty and the reason why i still put the game into my console is cause of how great the previous Call of Duty games were.

Please be honest here without acting like a little child ok? do you think i should stop playing this game when i have no fun playing it? when i play it, it always ends up in frustration and boringness. Has Call of Duty changed so much that i can't adapt to it anymore? all i know is this game is not fun to me and i hate to force myself playing it.

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I think you should take a break from it.

Play some other games and come back now and then to see if it has gotten better. Far Cry 3 singleplayer is awesome for example.

OR go back and play some older CoD games.

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take a break or play party games. sometimes when im all serious rage, i just go play sticks and stones. cause thats fun and everyone is just wigglin around trying to put an axe in your head.

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You are indeed being silly (no offence intended). If it's not fun for you then there are many others you could play.

This game won 0 awards at the VGA's. 0 awards from IGN's games of the year (despite weirdly getting a 9.3 rating!?). And won 0 out of 3 in the IGN Halo 4 vs Black Ops 2 comparison despite Halo being a single platform as opposed to the multitude platforms that BO2 is released onto.

You are not alone in finding this game unfun. But the rest of us just play a different one and keep an eye on these forums and/or Twitter for that golden fix announcement.

I would like to say though that my brief time playing Zombies with friends was very fun and is worth looking into.

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no problem, i understand what you mean with me being silly and you are right, i am silly.

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Aye, playing Zombies Tranzit and NOT looking at a guide is chalked full of "hey guys look what I just did/found" moments.

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I'm having exactly the same experience as you. I was hoping to have fun over the Christmas break but its hard work at the moment. I've been doing the various calling card challenges which are possible even with the lag. To be honest most of my time is being spent on this forum and messing around with my Internet settings

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3arc are so far off the mark with this game, I'll be surprised if they get another crack it. This is NOT CoD as we all know and love...if the lag was fixed, if the guns were balanced, if the spawns were sorted, if the scoring system was properly implented, this still wouldn't be CoD. It's almost like a strange arcade spin off title. I'll play it until the next one comes out, even though I too have my moments where I wonder why. I will never buy another 3arc title though. And if the next release is as shit as the last two, then I'm done with CoD as well.

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I am with you on this. No more treyarch games... being that this is my first multiplayer I actually play online but the game is just too far off to be fun. I made it to prestige master after much much rage... Getting gold on all guns now but just because its break and I have nothing better to do or other fun games to play. Otherwise I would not even touch this one. As soon as something fun comes out this is going to be my trade in game and hopefully the next cod will actually be fun... who knows maybe one day they actually get some servers and put everyone on a level field...

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I usually pop in the disc and check the lag.  If it's crap, which it usually is, then I go to Halo 4, Borderlands 2, or back to MW3.  But like others said, don't waste your time on something you don't have fun with.  Life's short.  Video games are meant to be enjoyable. You should be doing things that are fun for you.

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