For all them snipers on Express

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Nothing wrong with them as long as they aren't QSing, as fa as I'm concerned.

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It's when they are quickscoping and they obviously missed you but the get the kill, or the snipers that just spray till they eventually hit you because the fire rate on their sniper is so high, i enjoy sniping but I do it in a more tactical way.

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lol, good on you.

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Cool video. Two-Three of 'em weren't Snipers though.

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yeah but you know what I was getting at so thats good

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Great clip and I don't get why people do this. I cleaned 5 guys off a rooftop on Plaza just last night.  4 of them seemed to be huddled in a group overlooking the B flag trying to snipe, not one seemed to reacted to the shotgun blasts.

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Idk how many times ive run into that situation thinking heres a nice double or triple and end up wtih zero kills and tons of hit markers only to watch a kill cam showing me shoot 3 bullets instead of emptying my gun with extended mags on them. GRATS

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yeah i get turned on alot and it will always show in the killcam i fire like 3 bullets and not the 40 bullets i actually fired straight into them before they turned round

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Haha awesome video.

I do like sniping and rather than being annoyed, I try to stay away from the really talented ones. Your video highlights the problem though.

I respect people who can play as sniper because I suck online partly because of the lag issues. Offline I can quickscope and play well. Online, even with a DSR chest/head shot I get hit counters so I just gave up.

One way I avoid annoying over-sniping on objectives like Domination is to pop a smoke on the flag before I capture... They go crazy shooting blind with their semi-auto rifles but usually miss

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lol half of the team just chilling there .... campers

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