Favorite map of the DLC?

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Favorite map of the DLC?

I really like how crazy/different the enivorments are from the other maps. Theres a good variety suited to different playing styles in the pack. Mirage really provides balance gameplay, Grind and Hydro a bit more close combat and Downhill long range sniper's paradise.

My preference is for the run and gun opportunites, so my list is:

1. Grind

2. Mirage

3. Hydro

4. Downhill

I really thought I'd like Mirage the best from the trailer, but it turns out Grind its a pretty sweet map.

What does anyone else rank?

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Re: Favorite map of the DLC?

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i like them all but downhill.

downhill is big enough to have decent spawns but people spawn 2 metres from where they die, when you have VSATS up on that map you will see what i mean, you kill them then they run right back at you in the middle of a reload >.>

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Re: Favorite map of the DLC?

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they are ok but downhill has to be the best of the 4

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