Favorite DLC map

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Hey guys ps3 player just looking for some anwsers.
As a whole how do you like the new map pack?
Favorite map/thing?
least favorite map/thing?

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They're all good imo. Grind is my fav. They play well with kc.

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The maps are a lot of fun, Grind I think is going to be most peoples fav. but Hydro is also right up there in my books.  Of course people are already complaining about them but haters are gonna hate. The PeaceKeeper is also a beast, love it ! People are already begging for a nerf on it so you know it must be good. It would have been worth the 1200 points itself as far as I'm concerned. Ss78 is also correct by saying they all play well with kc.

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Downhill is the best.

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Its worth buying. Also my favorite map is Grind with downhill right behind it

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I am domination only player (might taint my judgments on the maps)

Grind: by far the best map of the bunch, fighting around B is usually intense, good flanking routes provided the enemy team does not block them.  is the map most in the style of the classic maps

Hydro: just like grind, the key is too capture b flag.  Disadvantage of this map is that it so cluttered that capping enemy A or C flag is very hard since the enemy easily spawns behind you and can jump on you from nowhere

downhill: camper map, the B flag is very exposed and the enemy has several spots to camp from.

Mirage: the only triangle flag map, again a lot of camping spots near the flags

in general, my impression is that these are very team orientated maps.  In the classic maps, you can capture  a flag by yourself.  In the DLC maps it's next to impossible as the enemy either spawns vere close by or has plenty of camping spots to fire at you.

At the moment I only consider grind worthwhile, the others are a waist of money.

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