FAL nerf...effective?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Personally, I'm tired of people 2 shotting me from any distance with a FAL. With that being said, I think the patch nerfed it to the point where it takes slightly more skill to use. It already had bouncy recoil with Select Fire, but they increased it even more so. Anyone else agree/disagree? I think the damage drop off could be nerfed a little as well.

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Fal with select fire - try it in private - its terrible.

Swat and type buffs - these are now smexy !

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i just started using the FAL to get all AR max i hate single shot guns so use select fire but prob is the gun aint always that great iv even had to start hardcore to help me

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The FAL seems useless now.  By the time you get the required 3 shots fired, any other gun has already sprayed you with 10 bullets.  The FAL is the new SWAT!

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Just start using the SMR.

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I like burst weapons as they require skill and not spray kill tactics. Since the M8A1 is completed I am moving full time to the FAL. In my opinion even in Core it works well,

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What exactly was nerfed?  Recoil, damage, select fire speed?

I usually save guns I like for last so I can get camos on things I don't like and get them out of the way, but I think I should start using the supposedly OP guns before they inevitably get nerfed,  FN FAL was my favorite gun in MW2, so I was going to level it up later after I finished some guns I hate.

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This was a silly nerf.

ALL they needed to do was to make it like a semi-automatic SCAR-H with infinite 4 hit kill range and better 3 hit kill range than SCAR-H with lower recoil.

Which basically sums up the FAL already.

You can and always could perform better with a semi-automatic FAL than a fully automatic one.

It was just easier to use the fully automatic one, and it makes close range combat possible for "non-professional" semi-automatic players.

But the rest of the buff and nerf list looks surprisingly solid.

I'll just assume that the lack of SVU-AS on that list is an oversight, and that they buffed it's ADS time, already, but forgot to put up a note.

If not, the worst weapon in the game remains the worst weapon in the game.

(Yes, you can acchieve a good ratio if you camp hard. But if you camp hard, the XRP.50 is still better.)

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