Executioner needs a buff.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I think that the problem is that it oftens takes more than one shot to kill.  And as I recall so did the python but the python may have had a little better range.  When I think of a shotgun pistol, I'm expecting a OHK at close range.  Sometimes I get that and sometimes I don't.  I don't think that the gun is a bad gun but apparently my expectations are just unrealistic compared to what it actually delivers.

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Well, think about it. Every CoD game has to have that 1 gun that sucks. That 1 that commentators use to prove they're good. In MW3, it was the PM-9. In BO1, it was... well alot of the guns. The Uzi, Olympia, Enfield, any pistol other than the Python, Any sniper, the Kiparis. You know what? I'm gonna stop.

Point is, the Executioner is the Yin to the Yang of the rest of the guns. Instead of knocking it, appreciate it for what it is.

HA! Just kidding. Buff it, getting diamond pistols is a pain.

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it was the easiest pistol to get diamond.

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Wait the PM-9 was bad in MW3? When was this

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Pre-patch. They buffed it like, halfway through.

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I love the executioner and own the "Raging Judge". It's a pretty good representation of it in the game...

I would also love to have the pythons back!!!!!!

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At first I hated the Executioner, and dreaded using it.  After getting used to it, I absolutely love it, and feel it only needs one buff:

Executioner should have Speed Loader by default.  It is inconceivable that someone thought a 5 round, zero-range gun should have the reload time of an LMG and we should be forced to spend one of two precious points upgrading to the speed loader.

The fact that any pistol costs the same points as a primary, and even costs more than a primary to get 2 attachments, is already bad enough.  This is probably the single most limited gun in any gun-featuring game ever, and this reload issue makes me feel like they weren't thinking or even went out of their way to hinder its usefulness.

Make speed loader default, and make the max level attachment the .454 casull round, which would turn the shotgun pistol into a traditional revolver like the python (still only 5 rounds, even though based on the red handle of the model in game, it appears to be the Raging Judge and should have a 6 round chamber).  It would be as powerful as the Tac .45, maybe a little more damage or range to make up for the limited ammo count and more powerful round.

I did a little research on this gun, because it is interesting, and I learned that the barrel is rifled, forcing the shot to spread (it is designed for in-car defense- oddly specific, but whatever), unlike standard shotguns which have smooth bore barrels (allowing for much longer range than treyarch thinks possible for regular shotguns but I digress).  Understanding that helped me accept the ultra-limited range, but I also learned it can be loaded with rifle bullets, which I think should be the attachment in place of fast mags.

Also, Dual wield needs to count as one attachment and secondary gunfighter should stack with it.  My no-primary pistol class is a lot of fun, but the limitations are just overboard.

Two more bloodthristy medals and that Executioner is gold, and diamond pistols won't be far behind.

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OMG I just got the Executioner gold.  When I started with it, I said it would never happen.  But I truly had to change my play style to get it, which is unfortunate.  I am a run-n-gunner, but this gun is impossible to do that with.  I play HC exclusively.  I had to turn into someone I hate with a passion... a serious camper. 

I believe this gun should in fact have a range buff.  Damage too perhaps, but I think an extended range would help make up for it's shortcomings.  Even with a long barrel it's range is too short.

At any rate, thank god that's over with!  One pistol to go.

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With the right knowledge and attachments, the Excecutioner is a little hand cannon. Fast mag is a must or reload = certain death. Long barrel is helpful sometimes if I have room to put on a second attachment, but don't let the stat charts lie to you. Long barrel DOESN'T help damage at all.

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The executioner was a royal pain in the neck to get gold. I finally got it, but I would say it could use a little range improvement. If you use it in core you're bound to run into a bad connection lobby and feel like you are unloading 3-5 shells and not kill people only to have them turn around like "oh I'm getting shot" and then they mow you down. I had to basically go with ghost and flank and stick to smaller areas of attack. I stayed away from the wide open parts of maps and where the most gun fights happen. The 150 kills with no perks/attachments was the hardest part for me. The headshots weren't too bad because it kicks so much anyway that if you aim mid section of the player it will kick up for you. Sometimes though I'd literally execute a guy by pointing it right at their head and I'd get a hit marker. It's very frustrating in comparison to the other pistols. I could probably play this game and carry a halfway decent k/d if I used only the other pistols. they are a lot of fun.

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